3-piece silicone wax seal mat, round flower heart-shaped metal wax seal molds for 1-inch wax seal stamps, and adhesive waxing crafts for wedding invitations Cards & Envelopes Presents Wine-Wrapping

Price: $7.99
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Upgraded Design In order to prevent warm water from seeping behind the mold during stamping, wax seal mold kits are composed of sturdy, unbreakable metal.

Raised edges on the molds allow you to lift them for removal without coming into contact with the seal itself.

You can achieve the ideal seal on your envelope from the first pour by keeping the stamping surface—an envelope, a folded piece of paper, or anything else—flat with the tool's weight.

【Product attributes】 With the three distinct mold forms included in this wax seal set, you can create flawless round and flower-shaped wax seals with a wax stamp, so you never have to worry about using it and creating half-finished seals.

This mold can hold wax seals up to 1 inch in diameter, and it only requires 3–4 pieces of wax to create a 1.2 inch wax seal, allowing you to conserve more wax and create more wax seals.

【Non-stick & User-friendly】 Wax seal molds can be used in two different ways.

Firstly, the metal mold can be placed directly on the envelope, into which melted wax can be poured.

The mold can then be sealed, allowed to cool for a short while, and then removed to reveal the finished wax seal.

The second step involves adding hot wax to the silicone pad, sealing it, and then waiting a short while for the seal to come off.

Uncomplicated yet sophisticated!

【Excellent Packaging】 Contains a silicone mat to keep your work surface clean while creating seals in addition to the three molds.

and an open storage container for every component.

You should have these molds in your collection of creative supplies.

Broad Application Range: This set of wax seal stamp rings elevates your wax rings to a whole new level.

You may use it to adorn wedding invitations, party invites, greeting cards, wine wrapping, gift wrapping, envelopes, scrapbooks, documents, and much more.

With repeated use, you can turn your wax seals into a flower-like design rather than just a circle.

Six pieces of Christmas wax seal stamp set, with one wooden handle and six sealing wax copper stamps featuring Christmas trees, deer, Santa Claus, and snowflakes, perfect for Christmas gift-giving and birthday card envelopes (Xmas)

Price: $14.99

【What You Get】 You will receive one wooden handle, one fine present box, and six detachable stamps (six patterns are depicted in the picture).

Size of gift box: 4.3 * 4.3 * 1.2 " Removable head diameter: 0.98 inches / 2.5 cm; wooden handle length: 3.54 inches / 9 cm.

【Christmas Brass Stamps】The six Christmas-themed wax stamp kits include the following designs: paper clips, gifts, trees, deer, Santa Claus, and snowflakes.

containing the Christmas themes, making your display look even more appealing.

【High Quality Material】The detachable head is composed of premium brass, and its golden luster surface is carved with subtle, lucid designs.

It is easy to replace and install, and it feels good to the touch.

With its polished and smooth surfaces that won't scratch your hands, the handle and stamp head of the wax seal stamp set are composed of premium wood, making them robust and long-lasting.

You may use them with confidence.

【Widely Useage】This wax seal stamp set can be used for a variety of tasks.

Ideal for creating thank-you cards, Christmas letters, wedding invites, greeting cards, gift sealing, and party invitations to showcase your best qualities.

In addition, this sealing wax can be creatively decorated for manuscripts, packages, crafts, wine sealing, tea or cosmetics packing, and other craft projects.

With this wax seal stamp kit, you will enjoy creating crafts for a long time.

【Precious Present Box Packaging】 enclosed in a vintage present box.

Gifts for Christmas, weddings, mother's days, father's days, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and other occasions are all well-suited for it.

Witchcraft enthusiasts will enjoy it even more.

Handmade Envelope Seals - 25 Pieces Wax Seal Stickers Adhesive Wax Stickers for Christmas, Birthday Parties, Wedding Parties, and Envelopes (Green Wax, Pines Style)

Price: $8.99

【Package Contents】: 25 wax seals in the form of pine cones, each measuring 1.18 inches (30 mm) in diameter, will be included in the package.

The flipside of these handcrafted wax seal stickers has an almost same sized, robust adhesive.

Because of its strong adherence, you don't need to worry about it.

【Simple to use】:Our classic wax seal stickers are creatively manufactured.

We hand-stamp every seal, so you won't have to spend time melting wax.

Our wax stickers have an adhesive backing, so all you have to do is peel it off and adhere them to your letters.

You may be confident that they won't crack or break during shipping.

Excellent material: A safe, odorless, flexible wax that is waterproof and fade-resistant is hand-made into the wax seal.

Your invites will seem regal and refined thanks to its timeless design and subtle engraving pattern.

【Exquisite pattern】: Your invites will undoubtedly give off an air of nobility and luxury with the Charming Pines pattern styling, which features magnificent colors, a smooth, polished touch, and thickened elevated edges.

【Very versatile】:From DIY projects to wedding, birthday, and party invites, adhesive wax seals are utilized for a wide range of purposes.

On Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and other holidays, they can also add a touch of luxury to your invitations.

Retro Wax Seal Stamp Stamps Wax seal stamper with creative pattern stamp Handmade Wax Seal for DIY Decor Stamp Sealing Retro Stamps and DIY Stamp Envelope Sealing

Price: $8.63

Halloween postage stamps would be incredibly lovely and distinctive if they were stamped onto envelope paper due to their delicate design and elegant color.

Halloween party favors are primarily used to seal and embellish cards or envelopes.

They have a reasonable design and useful features.

Creative pattern seal: this is a useful decorative seal that you can make yourself.

Mostly composed of copper and wood, the Halloween wax seal stamp is robust, safe, and has a pleasing texture.

The delicate seal stamp is a creative gift that will make your friends who enjoy do-it-yourself crafts very happy.

Brass Stamp Head Replacements for NUOBESTY Blank Wax Seal Stamp Do It Yourself Invitation Envelopes Postage Stamps Alphabet Stamps for Christmas Invitations with a Heart Shape

Price: $6.99

Wax envelope seal: This can be used to seal an envelope with melted wax by heating the wick.

The lacquer seal stamp head has amazing details, superb craftsmanship, and a good texture that will make it easy for you to use.

Head of winter:It features exceptional workmanship and will be simple to install and remove.

It might be the ideal Valentine's Day, birthday, or invitation gift for friends and family.

Stamps for posting: compact, useful, and featuring exquisite designs, these stamps are mostly used to embellish and seal cards and envelopes.

Sealing head: the delicate design and color would make a very distinctive and lovely stamp on envelope paper.

One hundred wax pellets, beads, and envelopes Supplies for Wax Sealing Particles, Cards, Fire Paint, and DIY Craft Wax Beads Glitter Powder Letter Wax Seal Stamp Kit

Price: $9.89

Craft wax bead made at home: excellent for manuscripts, letters, cards, invites, envelopes, and more.

To save you work, these wax beads melt quickly and dry.

The ideal embellishment for wedding and party invites, business invitations, gifts, envelopes, paperwork, scrapbooking, wine packaging, greeting cards, and more are wax stamp materials.

These tiny stamp wax seal beads are a great way to add a personal touch to handmade cards and letters.

Your friends will be surprised when they receive them.

Useful wax sealants: these beads have a classic hue with a basic design.

Using gorgeous hues for your wedding invites.

Fire paint wax particles are easy to melt and cool, making it simple to print a wax sealing bead while in use.

These beads made of sealing wax are convenient to use.

Greeting Card Decoration - CRASPIRE Hairy Yak Wax Seal Stamp Envelope 30mm Clear Engraving Seal with Animal Scrapbooking Seal for Card Invitations Wrapping presents and scrapbooking embellishments

Price: $8.49

Vintage Wax Seal Stamp: 90 mm length by 30 mm wide.

One wooden handle and oval brass head piece are included in the package.

(Wax not included) Design by Hairy Yak: Simple to use, with distinct designs, glossy, smooth, and non-stick surfaces that are easy to clean.

It also leaves a lovely, clean imprint in a nostalgic, classic style.

All of the stamp heads in our store are compatible with the wooden handle of the Universal Thread Head.

lets you have more than one pattern stamp and helps you save money.

Simple to Assemble: Simply spin the brass head slightly to make assembly easier.

You can use it to freely tie it in with a variety of stamps that have varied patterns to create new sorts of stamps.

Numerous Uses: Sealing stamps can be used to decorate and adorn envelopes, invitations, gift packages, bottles, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, among other things.

Wedding Letters, Invitations, Envelopes, Gift Packing, and More: CRASPIRE Wax Seal Stamp Head Mermaid Moon Sealing Stamp Oval Heads Only Removable Sealing Brass Stamp Head

Price: $8.99

The dimensions of the wax seal stamp are approximately 25x14mm for the mermaid moon sealing stamp head and 7mm / 0.28in for the thread inner diameter.

One brass head mermaid moon wax seal stamp is included in the package.

✦WAX SEAL STAMP MATERIAL: The high-quality brass stamp head used to create the wax seal stamp is smooth, polished, non-stick, and easy to clean.

It produces fine details and provides a clear, lovely impression.

The removable brass seal head makes it simple to install and replace the sealing stamp head.

To match the desired theme, you can mix and match stamps with various patterns and our shop's handles.

Your letters and gift paperwork will look lovely and uniquely decorated with a wax seal.

✪WIDE APPLICATIONS: Sealing stamp heads work well for wedding invitations, envelopes, wrapping paper, wine packages, perfume bottles, wine bottles, scrapbooks, parcels, gift wrapping, cards, greetings, Christmas, birthday parties, baby showers, and other special occasions.

✦PATTERN DESIGN: This exquisite, colorful, and attractive pattern stamp adds a classy final touch to your upcoming event!

To create a distinctive literary environment, use hot wax to emboss it on the envelope paper.

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