hrms hk

In each company configuration: large holding group: there are only 2~3 supervisors under the director, but the title is usually x x manager, which belongs to the senior supervisor level or senior supervisor level, and manages the middle and senior levels of the headquarters and subsidiaries. Large companies hrms hk: Each module has a separate director, and there are 7~10 people below the director who are configured as commissioners and assistants, etc. Medium-sized companies: generally 2-3 supervisors, each supervisor is responsible for more than two modules, such as: personnel payroll, recruitment and training, performance assessment, etc. Small companies: 1 supervisor, not necessarily assigned to the lower side.

Job responsibilities: HR supervisors need to have the ability to take charge of their own, that is, to be skilled in all 6 modules. Generally need to have 3-5 years of seniority. Different from the commissioner is to do things such as system building, program measurement, coordination, investigation, audit, report data analysis, etc.. From the company's organizational structure, but also actively participate in some cross-departmental meetings for discussion, deal with other supervisors, regularly or at any time can provide the higher-ups we need personnel management data, in addition to the temporary need for social coordination to deal with as well as some exceptional matters are also possible. The overall development of the problem is the need to take charge of the personnel matters of the enterprise alone, in the various sequences for comparison also to show that you are smart and capable.

There is no difference between subordinates: if you go to a small or medium-sized company and you have not been assigned to the next company, then you must do everything yourself. So the next step for companies is for us to compare the differences between personnel management executives with and without subordinates:.

Making a list of contacts: with subordinates: you guide, subordinates to complete, you to review, there are errors corrected in a timely manner; the early stage may be troublesome, but proficient easy. No subordinates: all all the work is yours, you do not have to bring new people in the early stage, a variety of technical operators skilled, but will lead to take up your time to think about learning.

Attendance: with subordinates: subordinates from the access control system to export Excel tables, summary, classification statistics (attendance, absence, leave, absenteeism, late early pluck, overtime, etc.) to you. At this time, because the commissioner may be a novice, and usually work more, so once the end of the month is slower, need to work together overtime or something. No subordinates: to prevent work saturation at the end of the month may be once a week, but it will also take up your time, lack of thinking, etc.