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What is Hong Kong Work Visa and what is it for?

What is Hong Kong Employment Visa

Hong Kong work visa is mainly foreign people to work in Hong Kong, a kind of proof, have a work visa, you can go to Hong Kong to work, we must know, Hong Kong local salary is relatively high, ordinary work can reach more than $ 10,000, so in order to avoid a large number of people to go to Hong Kong to work, resulting in the local people have difficulty in employment, the Hong Kong government has established a special work permit system.

Uses of Hong Kong Work Visa

The main purpose of the Hong Kong work visa is to be able to work freely in Hong Kong, if you do not have a work permit, you want to go to Hong Kong to find a job is impossible, Hong Kong's management of this issue is very strict, so for those who want to go to Hong Kong to work, you need to apply for a Hong Kong work visa before you can.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Hong Kong work visa?

To apply for a Hong Kong work visa you need to have certain conditions, not everyone can be successful, before applying for a visa, it is recommended that you understand the relevant conditions:

I. Hong Kong work visa - academic qualifications

Need to apply for a Hong Kong work visa applicants with a certain educational background, that is, you need to have a tertiary diploma, if some of the professional and technical qualifications and related experience, can also be preferential pass, but need to pay attention to is the applicant's skills can help their own for the development of Hong Kong's economy to make a certain contribution.

II. Hong Kong Employment Visa - Work

Applicants need to have been employed by a Hong Kong company, the Hong Kong company also needs to prove that they can not find the relevant professional talent in the local area, in order to meet the conditions, recognized by the company, the company also needs to be submitted to the corresponding information collation, and their own without any adverse circumstances, in order to obtain the approval of the Hong Kong Department.

III. Hong Kong work visa - language ability

In Hong Kong, many people's Putonghua is not particularly good, so applicants not only have a certain degree of Chinese language skills, Cantonese and English also need to have a certain degree of communication skills, to be able to communicate fluently with others, to go to Hong Kong will not be at a loss.