One of the Alternative Series Made in China--Wafer Test Probes

I. Basic Information

After wafer processing and before packaging, it is necessary to test all the small wafers on the wafer for functional defects. The role of the probe table is to position the wafer so that the grains on the wafer are sequentially contacted with the probe and tested one by one.

The probe table is a positioning device, wafer test a high precision positioning device. The probe station is mainly used to test the electrical performance of the chip. If you can not find the fault, the next step is to spend a lot of money to find the fault.

Second, the core technology

Motor + camera + algorithm, as well as a complete set of core modules for positioning, wafer level testingloading and unloading, motion control, vibration prevention and so on.

Third, the market space

The global economic market in the 6-7 billion yuan to carry about, the domestic market in the 2-3 billion or so, and in the duration of the continuous growth. Especially China's semiconductor technology equipment localization rate is still very low, so our future development and space can be expected.

Fourth, the competitive landscape

At present, the domestic market is almost monopolized by Tokyo Precision and Tokyo Electron, while the lack of equipment supply and high prices, showing a serious lack of demand.

V. Development trend

Wafer fabs, packaging and testing factories, third-party testing factory's current needs are not can get a good satisfaction, delivery and use of long cycle, high prices, and even a lot of testing factories can not buy equipment,failure analysis only through the purchase of second-hand electronic equipment.

Although the market space does not seem to be very large, but the entire market is still monopolized. For domestic suppliers, this is a good opportunity. Once the product is mature, it can be replaced by a certain number of domestic products, and the proportion of revenue will be larger.

Sixth, comprehensive judgment

Domestic companies that have the potential to develop commercial machines with good precision indicators are worth investing in.