Whatsminer M31S+

It is understood that in recent years, China's credit card issuance online credit card payment gatewayhas shown explosive development growth, credit cards have increasingly become the preferred payment management tools to improve people's daily learning life, credit cards have advantages and disadvantages, but how to use a good credit card is a vital!

1、Bill date

The issuing bank summarizes the current transactions and charges of the cnc machined aluminumcardholder's credit card account every month, calculates the interest and sends the bill to the cardholder.

2、Repayment date

The interest-free repayment date is from the account entry date to the repayment date;

The repayment date is usually about 20 days after the bill is paid. The Whatsminer M31S+repayment date may vary according to the policy of each bank, and the specific card issuer shall prevail.

3、Cash withdrawal

Credit card cash withdrawal includes overdraft cash withdrawal and overpayment cash withdrawal.

Overdraft withdrawal: Interest is paid on a daily basis.

Overpayment of cash: No interest is needed, but payment is required.


Bill for installment application a success, we can not apply for a second installment within 3 months.

When repaying early, the remaining installment balance and handling fee must be paid in one lump sum (the credited principal and handling fee are not refundable).

5、Minimum repayment

The minimum repayment amount is generally 10% of the consumption amount plus other payable amounts, but not entitled to interest-free period.

6、Limit of credit

Credit lines include fixed lines of credit and temporary lines of credit.

Fixed asset limit: the maximum overdraft limit given by the bank according to the qualification enterprise of the card holder, after a certain limit, the card cannot be used for normal life consumption.

Temporary credit line: the cardholder can apply for a credit card by himself, the bank increases the temporary credit line by itself, the temporary credit line has a certain period of use.

7、Annual fee

Credit card level is different, the annual fee to be paid is also different, now most banks credit card is the first year free annual fee, or credit card swipe a certain number of times, can be exempted from paying the annual fee;

Except for the platinum card, you can choose to redeem credit card points for annual fee waiver offer.


Overdue daily interest is calculated at five ten thousandths of a percentage point, interest is calculated from the date when the impact on consumption occurs, compound interest is calculated by monthly analysis, and the principal amount of the interest cost calculation is the sum of the personal consumption payment for the month.

However, our bank has a grace period for overdue loans, which is usually 1-3 days after the repayment date. Our bank will not consider you overdue and will not submit a credit report.


Credit card points are a kind of welfare gift for cardholders. Points can be exchanged for various gift cards at the corresponding issuing banks and the benefits can be realized.

We suggest you make full payment on time to avoid overdue and maintain good card habits.

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The lifespan of the Whatsminer M30S+ is four years, whereas that of the AVALONminer 1246 and AVALONminer 1166 Pro is four and five years, respectively. ASIC miners are typically expected to last for three to five years, yet if utilized and maintained properly, your system may last longer.