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What are the advantages of online payment?

1. Grounding gas of offline o2o platform

Catering industry is not only an industry with a rising sun, but also an industry with many pain points, which urgently needs innovation. Taking the catering industry as the starting point, online payment completely solves the pain point of the demand point of the catering industry, allowing users to determine orders, reservations, takeout, payment, multi store management, release of relevant albums and a variety of marketing information within minutes of mobile phone.

2. Offline fast payment

A variety of payment methods can make the payment in seconds, which is as fast as rocket. QR code payment: users can scan the QR code through the mobile phone client to realize the payment and settlement with the merchant's Alipay account. Bar code payment: combined with the existing cashier system, scan the bar code or QR code on the user's mobile phone for cashier.

3. Realization of Data Compass value

All consumers can observe the management behavior habits of student users through research data, make the fastest response to the growing changes, analyze the customers in the store, comprehensively and deeply understand the customers, and better improve the professional skills of people's service and marketing. User demand analysis, text analysis, transaction market analysis and interview analysis will let you know the industry like the back of your hand and transform the value of the data age into commercial and economic value, Bring a huge wealth to businesses.

Lean enjoy innovation, integrate cross-border win-win, make physical business no longer difficult, use offline intelligent collection code to solve physical business drainage, guests, secondary conversion, bind merchants and consumers through QR code, and consumers enter the "private domain flow" of the enterprise. Merchants can facilitate consumers' purchase through marketing activities in the future!

The four core advantages of lean excellence are:

1. Do not change the payment and collection habits of consumers and businesses

2. Consumers enjoy exclusive discounts after becoming members.

3. Help businesses precipitate private domain traffic through artificial intelligence collection code

4. Merchants entering the platform will receive dividends from 100 industries