How to choose a reliable and official third-party gateway payment platform, do you know?

The emergence of collective payments, multi-platform codes and multi-code combinations, has facilitated customers and solved business problems.

But, how to choose a reliable APP payment gateway and official platform, do you know?

1. Compliance and legality

Whether in the payment industry or any other industry, the first thing you need to do is to find out if the company is legal, such as whether it has a business license, whether it is illegal and so on. We must fully understand what we can learn.

2. Reliable after-sales service

After getting the agent of the aggregated payment, the agents need the enterprise developer merchants. The merchants may encounter a variety of problems after joining the aggregated payment method.

A reliable payment aggregation service company is generally equipped with a professional after-sales management team to analyze and solve after-sales problems that cannot be solved by agents, as well as to maintain the stability of their own payment business systems in China.

3. Be wary of second clearing

This is the second clearing, as the funds involved in the second clearing, and the funds through the payment company, there will be a market clearing company carrying funds absconding phenomenon. When choosing an integrated payment platform, we just need to remember one thing: choose a company that can provide technical support and cannot clear funds.

4. Agent fees

The first thing that comes to mind when considering an agent to make aggregated payments is the issue of funds. Note that no pie falls from the sky, and if a platform tells you that the agency fee is lower than the market value, or even that there is no agency fee, you must consider other aspects of what you need to pay.

You must consider other areas where you need to pay. Of course, agency fees are too high to choose easily and beware of non-relying payment companies that cheat you out of high agency fees.

In fact, if you decide to make a good payment aggregator, agents can learn more about the actual situation of several companies, including agency costs, make a comparison and make a reasonable choice based on their situation.