Motorized curtains and traditional curtains are the same in nature, which are mainly used for shading, protecting personal privacy and meeting the needs of users. In addition to having the same advantages as traditional curtains, electric curtains also derive other advantages.

First, the advantages of electric curtains:

1. Intelligent effect

In order to facilitate the use of more people, taking into account the needs of men, women and children, motorized curtains have been innovative in performance. Motorized curtains can be controlled at will through the wireless controller Electric curtain track, do not need to manually pull the curtains, advance booking can be timed to set the motorized curtains, the motorized curtains can be automatically moved, there will not be any accidents.

2. Multi-level balance

Motorized curtains can not only use the remote control to control the movement of curtains, but also manually pull, fully taking into account once the power outage, to avoid a power outage caused by the Motorized Curtain Track can not move. In addition to remote control, manual stretching, and group control, very convenient.

3. Good mute effect

When the motorized curtains are running, they use high-quality mute ball and gear belt. The sound produced by the friction between them reaches the minimum effect, which is much less noisy than traditional curtains, basically bringing a perfect silent effect.

Second, the electric car curtains purchase tips?

1. Select motor

The motor is the main standard of the motorized curtains, and the motorized curtain motors on the market are divided into tube motors, blinds motors and Roman curtain motors.

2. Fabric

The fabric of the motorized curtains is also very delicate. If you want to choose a good lighting effect, it is recommended to choose the sunshine fabric, so that you can clearly see the outdoor situation indoors, and the indoor can not be seen. If you need to block the sun, you can choose full shade fabrics, the shading effect can also reach the most ideal state.

3. Accessories

The quality of the accessories of the electric curtains is also very critical, if the electric Roman curtains are recommended to use ribbed rollers, roll flat, not to mention, there will be no uneven phenomenon. However, ordinary pull cord after sun and rain, easy to deformation, breakage and other phenomena.

4. Production process

Finally, it is also necessary to look at the details of the production process of the motorized curtains whether the details are fine, such as the surface of the track, the cutting of the fabric, the incision of the blade and so on. The product will have an impact on the practicality and aesthetics of the product.

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