Aren't all PDF editors the same? Open the PDF editor directly, and then open the PDF file, and then edit it?

How to edit pdf files?

Aren't all PDF editors the same? Open the PDF editor directly, convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobatand then open the PDF file, and then edit it?

At least I use PDF Editor Pro. This software was recommended to me by a friend. merge png to pdf ilovepdfAt first, I used WPS and other software. After all, many computers are installed by default.

But after using it, I was not really satisfied, so I read God's recommendation on the Internet, merge two pdf pages into one page mactried a lot of PDF editing software, and finally chose this. In fact, I didn't want to use it at first. After all, it's paid software. I started with his personal version of the software, which was free and functionally identical.

But then we gave a free membership and I started using PRO. I have to say that what needs to be spent is incense, which not only has more functions and is more comprehensive, but also the research on the effect of the operating system is much better.

In the case of PDF editing, this is how software works.

First, open the PDF editing software. You can also right-click the PDF file directly and choose to open it with PDF editing software in open mode.

Second, after entering the interface, you can also open PDF files in the home page.

Step 3: Click Edit, and you can start your editing journey directly. Here you can select the objects to edit, including text, images and shapes. If you want to edit them, just select them.

You can see that there are many boxes and lines, and the contents of the boxes and lines represent editable text. Just go ahead and select and we can start editing, we can change the text and add or subtract text.

Picture editing is also very simple. Select the same, and then a toolbar will appear. Select the corresponding action on the toolbar.