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Windows has become the largest operating management system in China's computer field in terms of market resource occupancy, with more than 90% or more in terms of its market economic share, much higher than Apple's Mac system.

Since the release of the first desktop version of Windows 95,combine pdfs for free windows Microsoft has released several versions of Windows, with XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 being the three most iconic versions. Let's comb through these and see which operating system is best for your computer:


Windows XP:This used to be the best,convert scanned pdf to word online free large files most popular and well-received system in Microsoft's history. Although XP has very low computer configuration requirements and basically all computers now support the installation of this system, it is too old. By April 8, 2014, Microsoft officially stopped providing technical support and bug patch updates for the XP system, and XP was basically obsolete.

Although we don't have official support from Microsoft, we can see Windows XP in some specialized areas, such as automated teller machines and medical technology.


Computer Configuration Requirements:pdf editor online Requires a dual-core or higher CPU (as long as dual-core is satisfied) and at least 4GB of RAM. This system is the best system in the current Windows system, the most mainstream system, the game to carry on the compatibility is good, in the "Properties" column there is a compatibility option, you can set the backward compatibility with a variety of low-level system compatibility.

Although Microsoft stopped the technical support for Win7 system, but many of us are still not willing to give up their use of this version. On the one hand, it is the problem of many years of behavioral habits have not been able to adapt to the operation of this version, another important aspect of the computer hardware is too low also led to many people can not give up the Win7 system, so as of now Win7 system's share of the market value of the economy is also a very high.


Win10 can be regarded as the integrated upgrade version of WIN7 and WIN8, Win10 solves the embarrassment of WIN8 without startup menu, and the return of the startup menu is very similar to WIN7, and after the upgrade, the patch function is added. In addition, Win10 interface for the integration of the beautiful features of Win8, in addition, Win10 also uses a new compression technology, more space-saving than WIN7. It can bring a better gaming experience, and Win10's market share is by far the highest among these systems

Overall, Windows S10 is the mainstream version of Windows desktop operating system. If your computer hardware is resource efficient and can run Win10 smoothly, it is still recommended to use Win10 system. If it is an old computer from a few years ago with low hardware configuration, you can choose Win7 system. As for the WinXP system, I believe not many people use it now. After all, the computer hardware that can only run WinXP system is already very low.