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Industry:Internet application scene is broad, the iot module manufacturersindustry has broad prospects.

Industrial development Internet enterprise downstream technology application research field has a broad, granularity complex. Industrial as well as the Internet can build social network, platform, security three major functional management system through information system model, forming a comprehensive construction of interconnection of people, machines and things. Industrial Internet is the most complex application service scenario in terms of granularity of wireless data communication modules, with many links and more complex processes. In the field of industrial Internet finance, the module application capability is very broad, and it has been commercially implemented in vertical industries such as smart factory, remote driving, smart port, smart power, etc. The terminals cover different types of industrial routers, industrial flat panel terminals, AGVs, drones, power DTUs, etc.

Industrial Internet market scale is huge. Thanks to the promotion of policy, capital and technology, the industrial Internet is in the early stage of development, but has a broad prospect. In 2020, the added value of the Internet in core industries reaches 652 billion yuan. It is expected that the compound annual value-added rate of core industries will remain at about 20% in the next five years. According to ABI Research, the global industrial Internet cellular communication module market will reach 270 million blocks by 2023. The industrial Internet cellular communication module market will reach 80 million blocks.

With the rapid growth of the global IT market, the continued explosive growth of IT connectivity, policy support and downstream demand for new application scenarios, the IT industry will continue to grow. We believe that cellular modules, an important component of the IoT connectivity layer, will continue to benefit from the rapid start-up of hardware devices in the connectivity layer. With the development of 5g technology, shipments of 5g modules are starting to enter the amplification phase and are expected to rise in both volume and price in the future. In the global market, the ebb and flow of the Eastern market, the domestic market concentrated competition pattern to enhance, with product, cost, service, channel, marketing and other advantages continue to expand market share, double leading pattern is outstanding.

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