Royal and Antiquity and the American Golf Association said on Wednesday that the latest report on the impact of increased distance in a major golf research project will be delayed due to a coronavirus outbreak.

The movement's global sanctions agency said last month that they will publish research topics into the Distance Insights project within 45 days, a span that will end on Friday.

But the report and subsequent research on the effects of increased distance on the sport will be postponed.

"At present, the golf industry needs to focus on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic," the American Golf Association and R & A said in a statement.

"So we decided to postpone this announcement to a more appropriate time. This will obviously extend the deadline for the study. We will share more information in due course."

The report will analyze and study the impact of long-distance driving on the sport and use equipment to address the issue when needed.

Comments from golf makers and other stakeholders will be published in a report that is now postponed, which will outline topics for further research that may last from nine months to a year.