Complementing each other with eHR mobile iot lpwa intelligent terminal, it can assist the company to complete the publication and view management methods of personnel in the administration department. It gives real-time personal information inquiry service items such as company culture, management scheme, attendance management information content, salary information content, leave information content and electronic signature verification to the workers, especially the production line workers. The system software also provides questionnaires and industry information, allowing employees to familiarize themselves with the latest company information in a time-saving manner, while reporting information to the company. The system software integrates intelligent touch machines and equipment to facilitate the daily operation of the company's employees, especially production line employees, and to build a comprehensive service platform for interaction and communication between the company and its employees to improve employee satisfaction.


A Personalized history employee self service time view
Employee self-service system software has a built-in basic view role, which can solve the company's frequently used personnel department, attendance management, salary, leave management method data statistics, and at the same time can be customized according to the company's different must view information.

B network information security two-way authentication

Employee self-service system bitmain antminer s19 pro amazon software gives all-round solutions according to the consideration of network information security, from cell phone software login password keying, hardware configuration swipe credit card to the application of a variety of biometric technology (fingerprint identification, vein vascular, face, etc.), multi-faceted construction of security protection.

C dynamic publicity planning brand image comes to life

Employee self-service system software shows company culture, management plan, latest information and other information content in multiple directions according to text, photos, short videos and other methods, so that employees can get company information at the first time, which is the best service platform for company culture publicity inside and outside.

D Data and information can be connected at will
The employee self-service system software seamlessly connects with the backstage management system of Huitong eHR system. For the customers who have not applied Huitong eHR system, Excel data information is applied to import, so as to complete the convenient, fast and random interaction between data information.
E hardware software integration plan program
In order to better benefit the production line workers who can also view the information about HR open to the public, we integrate the workers' self-help control module, touch screen viewing machine and equipment with the copier together, and the workers can immediately view the machine and equipment in publicness to realize finding and printing out according to the identity verification.

F information confidential payroll online printing
Payroll distribution period to consume a lot of human resources, material resources in a relatively short period of time to carry out a large number of print out distribution work, and the system can be convenient, safe, rapid, self-service to obtain and print information confidential payroll, release human resources consumption, reduce the error rate.

G interactive communication method
Employees can immediately obtain information news of the company on the self-service terminal, submit proposals and its investigation, turning into a platform for communication between people and the company and improving the communication touch with employees.