Ten prototype Perfboard solder boards, or PCB board circuits, for do-it-yourself and electronic projects Green Solderable Breadboard Circuit Boards

Price: $9.99

Shade: verdant Composition: FR4 Glass Fiber, Dimensions: [2 x 8 cm, 4 x 6 cm, 6 x 8 cm, 8 x 12 cm, 10 x 15 cm]; total: 10 PCS PCB Boards The PCB board is 0.05 inches (0.1 cm) thick, with a hole width of 0.04 inches (0.1 cm) and a pitch of 0.1 inches (2.54 mm).

The package list includes 10 PCS PCB Boards totaling 2x8cm, 4x6cm, 6x8cm, 8x12cm, and 10x15cm.

Benefits include: superior FR4 fiberglass used to make the PCB boards; all copper foils are tin-plated for strength; these foils can effectively stop pads from sliding off; and when soldered, they won't melt.

The prototype board is extremely flexible; it connects electronic components in any way and lacks a pre-planned circuit board architecture or routing routes.

Four corners have mounting holes, the board row has pre-plated holes that are tinned, and the column with the labels "ay" and "1-110) is made to be easily operated.

Instructions: Pre-drilled, cleaned, cut and drilled to length, then welded for do-it-yourself point-to-point welding.

Prototyping circuits is made quick and simple with perfboard.

By inserting in electronic parts, joining wires, and soldering, you may quickly assemble a prototype circuit board.

Application: This versatile PCB prototype empty board is perfect for point-to-point DIY IoT projects, hobby testing, electronics experiments, Raspberry connectivity performance boards, DIY projects, and other electronics experiments.

It can be used to solder LED diodes, integrated circuits (ICs), connectors, resistors, sensors, and other electronic power components or devices with 1-inch pin spacing.

It should be noted that while creating your own electronics projects, experiments, and do-it-yourself projects, different sizes can match your demands.

5 Pieces Solderless Prototype PCB Board Kit for Arduino Proto Shield Distribution Connecting Blocks (5 Pieces 830 Hole White Breadboard) - WWZMDiB

Price: $9.99

【100%New】:This product is ideal for computer science class hobbyist experiments involving circuit, electronic, and electrical prototyping without the need for soldering.

Tight metal spring under the tie point on solderless breadboards for excellent connections.

The Arduino Prototype Shield can be attached with ease thanks to the self-adhesive tape on the back.

Excellent kits for DIY projects and Arduino breadboard kit proto shield.

【Wholesale enterprise】: WWZMDiB been involved in the electronic products wholesale and retail business for a considerable amount of time.

Greetings to discuss wholesale business in this letter.

The better the price, the larger the amount.

PCB Board Kits, 100 pieces, double-sided

Prototype PCBs that are double-sided and come in five various sizes—2*8 cm, 3*7 cm, 4*6 cm, and 5*7 cm—are ideal for creating your own electronic experiments and do-it-yourself projects.

connections with 10 40-pin male, 10 40-needle gauge right-angle male, and 10 40-pin female connectors; 2.54 mm spacing between each connector, single row straight Five pieces each of the 5.08-301-2P and 5.08-301-3P screw terminal board; Pitch: 5.08 mm, Rated Current: 16A, Rated Voltage: 300 V; Blue in color Standard jumper caps (30) Six colors, five pieces of each color, circuit board jumper caps with a pin spacing of 2.54 mm.

Pre-tinned Holes for Easy Soldering: The board has pre-tinned plated holes that make it incredibly easy to solder sensors and other components for your projects.

Wholesale Universal 5x10cm Solderless PCB Test Breadboard Single Side Copper Prototype Paper Tinned Plate 2一3一5 Joint Holes DIY

Standard striboard is wonderful for prototyping and developing circuits but it can be very consuming to use with components with certain pin layouts such as ICs since significant effort has to be spent breaking tracks to ensure no shorts exist across opposite component pins.

This bpard gets around that difficulty by having discrete groups of pins.

Eilumduo 20PCS 3/4" x 1" (D*L) Sign Standoffs Mounting Hardware, Stainless Steel Standoff Screws Standoff Mount Glass Standoff Hardware for Acrylic Board and Signage

Price: $15.49

Package Contents: 20 PCS Standoff Screws, Diameter x Length: 3/4" x 1" .

In addition, we also provide 20 expansion tubes and 20 small screws.

Premium Materials: Our wall bracket mounting screws are made of high quality stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish for excellent rust, corrosion and scratch resistance.

Easy to Install: Mounting Bracket Glass mounting hardware does not require complicated tools, all you need to do is install the plastic expansion tube into the wall and secure the standoff screws with screws.

The contact surface between the screw and the product is protected by a rubber pad.

Multiple Application: Our standoff screw is suitable for companies, offices, shops, supermarkets, stores, art exhibitions, homes, billboards and billboards.

Hassle-Free Warranty: Eilumduo guarantees high quality and good service.

Here with our 30-day money back risk-free purchase guarantee, order now!

If you are not satisfied in any way, Refund or Replacement for any quality problem.

Yankok [RJ45 RJ12 RJ11 Network Cable Tester] for Standard and Shielded UTP LAN Cables Networking Test Tool (Battery Not Included) (White)

✅Main Tester: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-G.

Remote Tester: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-G (RJ45), 1-2-3-4------(RJ11).

Quickly identifies continuity problems such as shorts, open wires, reversed pairs, crossed pairs and miswiring.

✅Efficient in using Ethernet and telephone jacks.

Compact in size and can be stored in any place.

Quite rugged as it sports a durable body.

✅Has the ability to test cables in quick time.

Extremely easy to operate as it comes with all user-friendly features.

✅High on efficiency and worth the money.

Ideal for working on live networks to support device configuration and Ethernet switch detection.

Package comes with 1x Network Cable Tester.

Battery use 6F22 9V 25MA (NOT INCLUDED).

25 Pieces Double Sided Protoboard for PCB Prototyping, measuring 4cm by 6cm

Price: $10.99

Dual-sided printed circuit board Size: 4 x 6cm/1.6" x 2.4" (W*L); Hole Pitch: 2.54mm Diameter of each hole: 1 mm; Mounting Hole Diameter: 0.08 inches/ 2 mm PCB, TiN-plated, and glass fiber materials The package contains 25 pieces of double-sided PCB boards.

Nine by seven centimeters, five pieces of T Tulead Black PCB Project Board, Universal Board Prototype Board, Electronic Circuit Board.

Price: $8.69
Prototype PCB Fabrication

Five PCB Universal Boards are included in the package.

Shade: Black;Dimensions (L*W): 9x7cm / 3.5"x2.8"For ease of usage, the PCB boards are pre-coated and designated A–Z.

Does checking and following your circuits become easier with full, clean, and flat holes?

Circuits, prototyping, and electronic fabrication can all be done using the universal board.

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