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bulk loofah 6 inch

Mr. Lu Xun once said that time is like water in a sponge. Squeeze hard, there will always be time. But when it comes to bamboo sponge, how much do you know?

The sponge was originally a multicellular animal. As the most primitive and simple multicellular animal. Sponges have lived on Earth for at least 600 million years, making them one of the planet's oldest inhabitants.

Sponge cells are mainly composed of calcium carbonate or silicon carbonate and contain a lot of collagen. Sponges have no central nervous system and digestive organs, nor do they have limbs, heads, and tails. But the bulk loofah 6 inch is full of tiny holes and sieve-like rings. There are many flagella in these densely packed pores.

By using the swing of the flagella, the sponge city can inhale seawater, as well as organic debris such as oxygen, bacteria, microalgae, and microphytoplankton organisms in the seawater, and then we filter through a ring to absorb and learn the nutrients in it to survive as a business base, and expel the rest as useless substances.

In people's daily life, sponge is a kind of commonly used thing. The sponges used by people are actually divided into natural hemp sponge and artificial sponges. The natural sponge is taken from the internal skeleton of the sponge, and the main components are cutin, limestone, silica, etc. The characteristics of the natural sponge are: dry, firm, and non-deformable, and very soft when wet. Anti-static, not easy to shape, and has strong water absorption.

Artificial sponge, also known as synthetic sponge or chemical sponge, is generally a kind of polyurethane soft foam rubber. This is a commonly used polymer elastic material. In addition to making sponges, it is also used for shock absorption and anti-friction.

The properties of natural sponges are irregular pores, fibers and shape, while the pores of artificial sponges are basically the same size and shape.

Natural sponges have been widely used as bathroom products since ancient times. The earliest people to use sponges were the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast, which is recorded in Homer's famous epic poem "Iliad". In addition, in Crete in ancient Greece, there are also murals that appeared before 1500 BC, including the use of natural sponges.

Now Chinese natural sponges can not only be used in bath care management, but also widely used in high-grade leather care, art design and decoration, painting, laboratories, hospitals and many other problem areas.

The natural sponge has a moderate pH and is recommended by many dermatologists in Europe for babies and sensitive skin. Since a baby's skin is much thinner than an adult's, if bath products are too harsh, it can damage Darling's delicate skin. Therefore, in countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan, natural sponges are now commonly used to bathe and wash babies of 0-6 months.

When the sponge is fully absorbed, all of its pores will open. At this time, the water absorption of the sponge has reached the extreme. The sponge becomes soft and elastic. At this time, take a bath and wash your face with a sponge, which can effectively clean the dirt on the skin. At this time, if it is used with soap or various shower gels, the cleaning effect will be better. Studies have shown that the cleaning power of natural sponges is several times that of ordinary hand washing.

At present, it has become a trend to use natural sponges in daily life. Natural sponges are pure and natural, and have excellent cleaning performance, so that natural sponges have always occupied the high-end market. In use, whether it is used as a simple clear water with a natural sponge, or used with soap, the effect is very good.

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