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Which cell phone Bluetooth headset noise reduction effect is very good?
The most popular role of cell phone rapid 3d prototyping headset today is undoubtedly noise reduction.
Noise-cancelling technology is being advertised and planned to be quite hot, is this a marketing tool for promotion, or is it good tech?
The application of active noise-cancelling headphones is advantageous for English listening.
There is no noise reduction effect of the cell phone headset, in the noisy conditions is very bad to hear the loud sound in the cell phone headset, you must turn on the loud sound very loud, usually this time the sound has exceeded the ear inside the bear category.

Application of noise reduction bitmain l7 effect of cell phone headset, low frequency noise is protected or offset, do not have to open a very loud sound can be heard very clearly, the inside of the ear has a guarantee effect.The sound insulation and noise reduction effect of cell phone headset can both reduce the noise damage to the earlobe and enhance the call sound quality and tone.To deal with a variety of noise in life, active noise cancellation headphones can quietly enjoy a person alone for a long time, temporarily forget about the external noise.According to the different basic principles of noise reduction, noise reduction can be divided into passive noise reduction and noise reduction.

Physical noise reduction: noise cancelling earbuds and earphones the choice of sound-absorbing materials or unique construction, as far as possible to protect against noise.
The key has two kinds of in-ear headphones headphones and head-mounted earmuffs.
The blocking of high-frequency loud sound (such as vocal accompaniment) is reasonable, and can generally be reduced to 15-20dB.
High quality and low price
Active type noise reduction
According to ANC, ENC, CVC, DSP and other noise reduction technologies, the noise is offset by causing the same frequency of sound waves in the opposite direction as external noise, thus completing noise reduction.
The consideration of noise is more detailed and precise, and the actual effect of noise reduction is stronger.
The price is relatively high
Active noise cancellation headset classification of different, there are cable TV, headset and true wireless Bluetooth headset.
Cable TV active noise cancellation headphones
More extensive, there are two kinds of in-ear headphones and semi-in-ear
In-ear headphones have better noise reduction working ability and stronger noise blocking relativity
Superior sound color
High quality and low price
Cable constraint, inconvenient to go out, often twisted into a ball
Headset active noise cancellation headphones
The first cell phone headset is the headset
Passive noise cancellation characteristics are the most outstanding
Sound is very good, is one of the indispensable equipment for e-sports staff
True wireless Bluetooth headset
Noise reduction effect and cable TV very
Wireless network is more convenient and fast
Wireless network is more comfortable
Note name: the traditional type of cell phone Bluetooth wireless Bluetooth headset, the transmission is unstable, the tone is embarrassing, you can choose to give up the application ha.
Whether the physical and mental health level to consider or from the high-tech try, active noise cancellation headphones are very good choice.

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