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Experience unparalleled cleaning freedom with our range of AC/DC portable vacuum cleaners, a testament to innovation in household and commercial cleaning. Proudly based in Suzhou City, China, we specialize in crafting top-tier stick and carpet vacuum cleaners, electric mops,multi use steam mop cordless dry wet vacuum cleaners, and car vacuum cleaners. Our upgraded AC/DC portable options redefine convenience with electrolyzed water functions, expansive water tank capacities, and an efficient liquid/solid garbage separation system. Whether you opt for the agility of a stick vacuum or the precision of a carpet cleaner with six brushes, our products offer unparalleled versatility and ensure a thorough cleaning experience. Rely on our cutting-edge production facilities, advanced technology, and efficient production capacity for superior, punctual solutions that elevate your cleaning game.Handheld Vacuum

1. Cutting-Edge Performance:

The K18 model of the handheld vacuum cleaner is at the forefront of cleaning technology, delivering cutting-edge performance for household and car cleaning. Equipped with a long flat suction nozzle, it effectively cleans various surfaces, from floors to sofas.wet dry floor vacuum The detachable filter assembly ensures easy maintenance, and its versatile design allows transformation into a handheld or upright vacuum cleaner. With a powerful 14000pa suction and a spacious 1200ml dust box, this cleaner offers top-tier performance, making it a reliable choice for efficient and thorough cleaning.Handheld Vacuum

2. Customizable Convenience:

Experience unparalleled convenience with the K18 handheld vacuum cleaner, where customization meets functionality. Tailor your cleaning experience by choosing from customizable options, including voltage (100-240V), power (400W), and cord length (4m). This level of flexibility ensures the device adapts to your specific needs. The one-key ash disposal feature adds further convenience, making cleaning hassle-free. With a compact and lightweight design, this vacuum cleaner provides a personalized and efficient cleaning solution for every user.Handheld Vacuum

3. Versatility Redefined:

Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the K18 model, a versatile handheld vacuum cleaner that adapts to your dynamic needs. From transforming into a handheld for quick spills to functioning as an upright cleaner for comprehensive floor cleaning, its adaptability is unmatched. The long flat suction nozzle allows for effective cleaning on a variety of surfaces, while the 1200ml dust box accommodates extensive cleaning sessions. This vacuum cleaner is not just a device; it's a flexible cleaning companion.Handheld Vacuum

4. Power and Precision:

Unleash the power and precision of the K18 handheld vacuum cleaner for a superior cleaning experience. With a robust 400W motor and an impressive suction power of 14000pa, it effortlessly tackles dust and debris.vacuum cleaner for home wet and dry The precision extends to the one-key ash disposal system, providing quick and efficient cleaning. The device's compact design, coupled with vertical storage capability, ensures that power and precision are seamlessly integrated into a sleek and practical cleaning solution.Handheld Vacuum

5. Adaptable Elegance:

Discover an elegant and adaptable cleaning solution with the K18 handheld vacuum cleaner. Its customizable options, including voltage, power, and cord length, are seamlessly integrated into a sleek design. The device effortlessly transitions from a handheld cleaner for spot cleaning to an upright cleaner for a thorough home sweep. The 1200ml dust box capacity ensures extended cleaning sessions without interruption. This vacuum cleaner not only elevates your cleaning experience but also adds a touch of sophistication to your home.Handheld Vacuum

6. Tailored Packaging Perfection:

Elevate the unboxing experience with the K18 handheld vacuum cleaner's tailored packaging perfection. Packaging is not just a box; it's an expression of individuality. Customize your vacuum cleaner's packaging with personalized patterns and color box options. Unwrap a product that reflects your style and adds a personal touch to the cleaning experience. The K18 doesn't just clean; it arrives with elegance and flair.