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With the continuous progress of social science and technology, people's living standard is also improving.wafer testing With the popularity of cell phones, computers, cars, smart watches and other electronic products, the demand for probes is also growing. Today, I will focus on why the surface of a probe needs to be gold plated.

Simply put, the purpose of gold plating is to prevent copper from rusting. When copper rusts it produces a patina that increases resistance, which affects the stability and functionality of the probe.

Gold plating has a golden yellow appearance and is chemically stable. It is only soluble in aqua regia, not in other acids. The valence of gold is +1 and +3. The standard potential of +1-valent gold is + 1.68 V, and that of +3-valent gold is + 1.50 V. For steel, copper, silver and their alloys, gold plating is a cathodic plating, and the porosity of the plated layer affects its protective performance.

The gold plating process can be divided into cyanide-free gold plating and cyanide-free gold plating.wafer probe Cyanide plating solution is divided into high cyanide plating solution and low cyanide plating solution. Sulfite gold plating solution is widely used in cyanide-free plating solution.

Depending on a certain concentration, the plating solution can be developed into an acidic gold plating solution and an alkaline gold plating solution. Acidic plating water gold solution of gold content is relatively low, general enterprises can reach 0.4 ~ 0.5 g / L. This plating solution cost level is low, so through the solution can not be brought out of the loss of less research. The color of the gold layer obtained from this plating solution is greenish-golden, especially designed for students to use in large batches and processing costs as well as lower small hardware, such as buttons, belt buckles and so on.

In addition, depending on the role, there is the step of pre-plating. Pre-gold plating refers to the pre-gold plating treatment in a specific plating solution before formal gold plating, and then enter the normal plating process.

Through the above introduction, we can understand why the probe surface needs to be gold-plated, and the characteristics of the gold-plating process.probe holder This knowledge is important for us to choose and use the probe correctly.