carpet dust.

Carpet cleaning is a more difficult task for homeowners who have vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofacarpets at home, have been specifically invited to come home to clean at a high cost, and do not know where to begin, so how to clean the large carpet at home? Take a look at the carpet cleaning tips that have been organized for everyone.

How should the carpet cleaning be done?

A, use a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis.

The carpet pile is prone to dust accumulation; a vacuum cleaner is Kenzo Kidswearan excellent tool for combating carpet dust.

For the first step of dust removal, use an upright vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet in a large area; then raise the handheld vacuum cleaner to deal with the places where the dust is particularly severe, such as under the coffee table, corners, and along the edge of the bed, so that the secondary cleaning is simple and thorough!

Vacuuming the carpet must be done on a regular and consistent basis! If you don't take care of the dust for a long time, the surface of the carpet will become discolored and deteriorated, and it will be too late once mold appears and needs to be cleaned!

Second, use dry tissue to remove stains.

For coffee, cola, or juice stains, use a dry cloth as soon as possible, or get green testhandy tissues to absorb moisture; then, immediately go to the kitchen to get a vinegar wet dry cloth to gently and carefully pat on the stain. The stain can be removed in this manner.

Third, remove the odor with warm water and vinegar.

Wet a towel with 4 cups of vinegar and 4 liters of warm water, wring it out, and wipe the carpet as shown. The vinegar not only removes pet odors but also protects the carpet from discoloration or fading; after wiping, place the carpet in a well-ventilated area to air dry. Similarly, the odor caused by long-term carpet use can be removed using this method.