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1. Computer can not access the Internet

Newly installed system without driver, you need to install by downloading the driver, you can first download and copy from other related equipment to the U disk installation.

DNS server, wait for the failed DNS server to work properly,convert scanned pdf to word online free large files or enter the network connection to manually set the correct DNS address of the system.

Specific steps: If the DNS server problems, this time you can modify your DNS server, right-click "Control Panel" Network and Sharing Center, Ethernet, Properties, Internet Protocol (TIC/IP), select the automatic acquisition of DNS servers / manually set the correct DNS address.

2. Computer blue screen

Virus Trojan, use 360 or other antivirus software to check and kill, if not need to reinstall the system.

Incompatible software installed, blue screen will appear when installing incompatible software. You can try to uninstall the recently installed software.

Hard disk has a bad channel or through the memory loose, unplug the memory stick with an eraser and wipe it back, if a hard disk has a bad channel, it is recommended that you can replace the network hard disk.

3. No sound

Do not install the driver, you can use the 360 system repair function to check whether the audio driver is installed, or to see whether the audio service is disabled

Hardware failure, check whether the socket is loose? Is the audio power on? Are the headphones and stereo damaged?

4. No screen

The monitor does not turn on, if the power indicator does not turn on, it means that the power connector or power cord has poor or damaged contact, or the video connector has been replaced.

The monitor is powered on, but there is no picture. The power indicator is on, but there is no picture. You can try taking the memory stick out, erasing it with an eraser, and then inserting it back in. If there is no response after the test, turn off the power, open the case, plug in the video card again, and plug the cable between the monitor and the video card tightly. (If you are a novice, it is recommended that you do not pull the graphics card.)

5. Software can not start

There is no system administrator privileges, select the software we need to start by, right-click can choose to administrator identity as well as run. Or right-click [My Computer], select [Management], enter the [Local Users and Groups], click [Users], select your account, the account has been disabled option off, and then restart the computer, you can directly get an administrator with the highest working privileges!

File name, if you use some foreign software, some do not support the Chinese address, the use of Chinese address will be confused, the program can not be recognized when running, please try to change the folder name to English.

Insufficient runtime, if the game can not run, may be insufficient runtime. Games need all kinds of runtime. Those who often play games must have heard of DirectX, Visual C++ runtime components and other environment support software. Many games require one or more of these components to run properly. So when a downloaded game doesn't run properly, just check if your runtime is fully installed.

6. Monitor screen can not display full screen

If the graphics card driver is not installed correctly or set up correctly, first check if the graphics card driver is installed. If you can't display full screen after installation, you can set the zoom ratio in the driver software.

Resolution settings a or through the video cable, check whether the video resolution needs to be set correctly, or change a video to try.

7. Automatic shutdown during use

Insufficient power supply will lead to power aging after long time use of the computer, the power supply will automatically shut down due to insufficient power supply. Simply replace the power supply.

The temperature of the computer is high enough, the CPU temperature is too high to cause the computer to automatically protect the shutdown, you need to dismantle the radiator to re-coat the silicone, if ineffective, please replace the CPU cooler.

8. Computer can not be turned on

The power key is broken. If the power key can be directly connected to the motherboard, the power key can be directly replaced.

Motherboard main power supply, CPU power supply is loose or not connected, many new motherboard socket is very tight, it is possible that we did not plug in well resulting in the inability to realize the power on, this time, as long as their own force to plug in the power supply line tight! Or give the video through the connection line to change the working position!

Memory stick, you can try to take out the memory stick with an eraser to remove the gold finger parts, and then inserted back.

9. Computer screen

Graphics card, computer screen is generally a problem with the graphics card, the next driver wizard to upgrade the graphics card driver or uninstall and reinstall the graphics card driver.