Omnichannel Membership

In the long-term process of meal consumption, the information collected only in the payment link is not comprehensive enough, and consumption scenarios such as reservation, delivery,online omnichannel payment, evaluation, and WeChat public account should also be considered. The omni-channel membership system will further improve the precise reach and response speed of marketing activities, bringing new impetus to the catering industry.

Under the omni-channel membership service capability, merchants can make a complete record of the behavioral trajectory information of members in the whole life development cycle, comprehensively build and cover the consumer market behavior of members in various online and offline scenarios, and maintain the massive, comprehensive and comprehensive economic data. Real-time dynamics to strengthen the connection between merchants and customers. With omni-channel capabilities, the system can automatically match different marketing plans according to customer types, launch activities with one click, improve the precise reach and response rate of marketing promotion, and create new value for catering companies.

Omnichannel Membership

To establish an omni-channel membership system, a sufficiently deep and extensive data pool is required to exert its value. Therefore, wide openness and collaboration among service providers, F&B enterprises and platforms is the most important breakthrough point. In view of the relatively fragmented market of catering service providers, no company has the ability to cover all online and offline channels. The open platform has become a feasible way to connect different service providers and realize complementary resources. Meituan Dianping and Koubei have begun to build platform capabilities and closed-loop service capabilities to break down data silos between service providers and consumption scenarios.

In April 2018, Yiou Think Tank released the "2018 China B2B Catering Service Industry Report", which analyzed the new trends and trends of catering services, including affiliate marketing, please click the link to read the details.