Why use an air purifier? What is the use of air purifier

Hazy weather smoke in the past two years, air purifier for cat allergies air purification machine gradually turned into a preferable choice to create a physically and mentally healthy indoor air, air purification machine has gradually started to be used to remove haze sterilization in addition to formaldehyde, so that the main efficacy of air purification machine in the end have some what, why so many people are using it, today I and we some analysis analysis.

1, can remove a lot of dust, particles, google pay online shopping smoke and dust chemicals in the air, to prevent people from inhaling them into the body, especially PM2.5, PM1 such fine fine particles, can immediately become fine particles can enter the lungs, will lead to epidemics, energy diseases, etc., so the air purification machine storage can also effectively reduce the disease disease rate.

2, can eliminate indoor formaldehyde Nepia in the air, benzene, insecticides, fog nitrogen oxides and other toxic substances, to prevent the body from touching with it after causing discomfort and even poisoning up. In fact, there have been many examples of acute leukemia or sepsis in some adults and indoor formaldehyde, benzene chemicals have a certain contact, and even basically there is no doubt that indoor formaldehyde is one of the key factors causing acute leukemia. With the professional removal of formaldehyde purifier, can effectively reduce indoor formaldehyde into the respiratory system, to prevent leukemia caused.

3, can remove the air cigarette, kitchen fumes, small animals, exhaust gas and other odors brought, to ensure that the indoor air quality is fresh, so that the people inside in which the heart and soul, many of the goods also contain technology professional air negative ion generation and humidification system, air purifier of this system software can make the natural environment more comfortable, physical and mental health.

The efficacy of the purifier many, just because we can not human eye to see is the room pollutants, so many people feel that air purifier is not necessary, in fact, this kind of idea is a misconception, high-quality air purifier can remove haze, remove formaldehyde, remove bacteria, the benefits of many, invisible protection of our physical and mental health.

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