These three points must be understood before beginning to use a floor scrubber, floor robot, or vacuum cleaner.

I believe that the majority of people will be torn between what is more practical and other considerations.

After all, the prices of these three products are not cheap, and if the family has a mine, the average family will select the most cost-effective and practical product.

In this regard, I will conduct a thorough comparison of the qs top universitiesthree products based on the cleaning effect, application scope, price, and other key factors. I hope you can take what you need and select the best product for yourself.

First, there is the cleaning effect.

The scrubber's main selling point is its ability to thoroughly clean wet garbage such as egg liquid and other sticky liquids all at once. Furthermore, the operation is also convenient, as it can be sucked with the hand.

The most important aspect is that it is also more comprehensive, washing and sweeping in one, will not leave water stains, but also sterilization, making it ideal for families with children or pets.

However, if soup, eggs, or milk are rarely accidentally spilled, the benefits of the scrubber appear more chicken.

Sweeping robot: can be described as a lazy man gospel, intelligent cleaning, and can automatically complete suction, sweeping, dragging, and other cleaning tasks.

In addition to the regular ground, the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa, and many other corners will not be overlooked, making it easier to meet the family's daily cleaning needs.

It can, however, be taken and used because it is controlled by the command. Flexibility is reduced when compared to the scrubber.

The most important feature of a vacuum cleaner is that it cleans thoroughly, removes dust and mites, and can reach places that the sweeping robot cannot.

For instance, the gaps between various cabinets and the floor, quilts, sofas, and so on.

However, it cannot handle wet garbage and also requires manual operation, which takes a long time and is tiring, making it unsuitable for people with limited strength or elderly people.

Overall, the cleaning results are as follows: scrubber > vacuum cleaner > sweeping robot. Sweeping robot > scrubber > vacuum cleaner = convenience.

Second, consider the scope of application.

Floor scrubber, more appropriate for people with high cleanliness standards and a large budget. Soup and water are easily spilled in families with children, so a scrubber is required.

Sweeping robots are ideal for dusty and lint-ridden areas that require large cleaning areas, making them a must-have for the lazy.

Vacuum cleaners, suitable for paving carpets or pet owners.

Three, the cost

Vacuum cleaner > sweeping robot > scrubber.

In general, the scrubber costs around two or three thousand dollars. Pay attention to three factors when buying and selling.

Choose a roller brush with an air-drying function; otherwise, the roller brush will mold and smell, breeding bacteria.

When dealing with sewage, it is best to use wet and dry separation or only manually handle solid waste.

It is best to choose the suction power with the commercial wet and dry vacuum cleanerbest cleaning effect, which we can determine by observing the size of the water stains.

The sweeping robot costs at least one or two thousand dollars. When shopping, consider three factors.

It is best not to use visual or inertial navigation for sweeping navigation; otherwise, route errors are common and the cleaning work cannot be completed.

It is recommended to use laser navigation, which is primarily used for stone, Coors, and other well-known brands, because it has higher sensitivity.

Obstacle avoidance technology is best to choose 3D structured wsetlight obstacle avoidance, otherwise the machine is prone to becoming stuck and unable to function.

To avoid becoming entangled in hair, choose the suction mouth type at the bottom of the cleaning module.

The usual seven or eight hundred vacuum cleaners can be used. When buying and selling, however, the same care should be taken.

Brushless motors are preferable to brushed motors because they produce less noise, require less maintenance, and have a longer service life.

it is best to choose with the dust away from the system to maintain the vacuum cleaner's cleaning effect.

A roller brush vacuum cleaner is best for preventing hair entanglement.