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and improves armpit breathability

For the promotion of hair this thing, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign society people's aesthetic ability is our consistent, that is, the enterprise in addition to the hair must be thick and dense and smooth, and other parts of the hair must be cleaned up, dermes hairlessa variety of hair removal method research is China fancy, but to students know there is a saying can be called "existence is reasonable". I'm not sure why these humans began to believe that the eyesore of body hair is a human protective network.

The hair shields the scalp from mechanical and solar damage, especially at the top of the head.

The eyebrow hairs, on the other hand, are distributed in a crescent shape along the arch of the eyebrow, which facilitates the natural diversion of bathing, rain and sweat to the sides, and prevents damage to the eyes from sewage.

Nasal hairs serve as a portal to the whistling system, absorbing pathogenic microorganisms and preventing them from entering the whistling tract. Long nasal hairs exposed nostrils cannot be pulled out because doing so will cause nasal vestibule inflammation, pharyngitis, bronchitis, and other respiratory inflammation, as well as a weakening of the ability to defend against respiratory infectious diseases.

All women "hate" armpit hair because it promotes perspiration, reduces friction, and improves armpit breathability. The frequent appearance of prickly heat (friction-induced skin inflammation) in children's armpits is directly related to the absence of armpit hair, including prickly heat in obese adults, which is also due to the increase of the "nest" beyond the scope of the armpit hair.

Many girls have begun to try bikini hair removal in recent years, in response to our desire for sexiness as well as the rise of bikini hair removal. The students are able to absorb the sweat and mucus expressed by the secretion of the private parts and disperse it to the dermessurrounding area, playing the role of "ventilation". It may also help to alleviate the friction and pain caused by the rapid development of mobile learning during sex. Furthermore, it has a warming effect, protecting the sperm and eggs and maintaining a normal living environment temperature.

Even without mentioning that these body hairs can protect the body, various hair removal methods are not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

Hair shaver

Although this is the most basic method of hair removal, it can easily cause skin inflammation or folliculitis.

Method of plucking with tweezers

The tweezing method can not only cause secondary folliculitis or skin infections, but it can also cause enlargement of the hair follicles and loosening of the skin.

Creams for hair removal

Hair removal creams and waxes are chemical agents that, when used repeatedly over time, can cause skin irritation and damage. People with diabetes, varicose veins, warts, skin ulcers, or inflammation should also avoid using this method.

Hair removal by laser or photon

Laser or photo hair removal is a very important and safe hair removal treatment in general, but patients who are dermesallergic to light, who are taking photosensitizers and who have skin infections in the area where the relevant treatment is applied should not undergo this psychological treatment. Furthermore, it is critical to avoid skin burns while developing the treatment .

Furthermore, you should be aware that all laser hair removal is aimed at hair growth and is ineffective during the degenerative and resting phases. More importantly, the laser destroys only a portion of the hair follicles.

As you can see, laser hair removal causes some hair to never grow back, while others become finer, softer, and lighter in color, but there is no way to permanently remove them.

As a result, hairless beauties who continue to run must treat their body hair rationally, not for short-term beauty, but in exchange for various diseases caused by bacterial attacks, which are not worth the loss.

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