Alarm bell: Joe Biden will become Democratic presidential candidate. period. period

His amazing victory in Florida not only conveyed the message, but effectively ended the game. At the time of writing, Biden is a leader in 67 counties in Sunshine State. There is no 68th place. To date, Biden has gathered multi-ethnic, multi-ethnic alliances in 16 other Florida states, which will be crucial for the Democratic victory in November.
It is now up to Bernie Sanders to move the guns and his millions of energetic and unwavering supporters from war to war. Sanders has won in many important ways: His candidacy has undoubtedly pushed the Democratic Party in a more progressive direction. But, as Biden said, ultimately voters want results, not revolutions.
Coronavirus pandemic increases risk. Governance is no longer a reality. Voters may no longer believe that politics is just a spectacle. This is a matter of life and death. Biden downplayed many qualities: his calm manners, refusal to demonize, insistence on solidarity, mild instincts, and decades of experience-these now appear to be tailored to the current crisis.
For me, the most comforting thing is that Democrats really believe in democracy. They don't even want a pandemic to stop them from voting for Biden and eventually defeat Donald Trump. In a preliminary CNN poll that began last Thursday, only 8% of Illinois voters and 6% of Florida voters told pollsters that coronavirus can change their voting decision.
American voters often have deep courage. We voted during the civil war. We voted during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. We voted through two world wars. African-Americans registered and voted even as racist terrorists cursed them, beat them and murdered them.
Our economy is shaky. Our health system is crumbling. But our democracy-at least among Democrats-remains strong.

Paul Begala is a Democrat strategist and CNN political commentator. He was a political adviser to the 1992 Bill Clinton presidential election and a consultant to the White House Clinton.

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