If we consider the wishes of our customers when choosing the products we sell, we pay attention to them when they criticize the gorgeous colors of our designs or suggest any changes we make in the store. We must never lose sight of the most important part: payment.

If we summed up the problems you faced throughout your visit,credit card payment gateway, one of them was the difficulty of using payment platforms, customers are always willing to tell you about the experience after you are done using the site. Not a good thing.

e-commerce gateway

My client spends a lot of time deciding what to buy from me, he takes it to the cart, creates an account, and is ready to pay, but. .. for various reasons this is not possible. What will my client do? In fact, your thoughts will leave my store with no purchases and some bad experiences that he will gladly share with those who want to hear from him.

So it's clear that we go through bad payment gateways in the store is the determining social factor and intervene directly for bad business sales in our store.

At the checkout, some bad customer experience can throw you off so your store doesn't make the same mistake. Let's take a look at some of the difficulties customers face when using payment gateways:

"In my opinion, it is unacceptable that e-shops do not have the option to pay via paypal."

"When trying to pay with a card it returns an error message, I tried using a few cards. You won't waste time paying again."

"The payment platform is not safe for me, it has a design I've never seen before, and I don't trust it."

"When I choose to do payment management myself, if I send a notification message and I don't trust it, it will send me to a page outside the store.