Features of 3d prototyping technology What industry is it suitable for?

When a product requires special structured parts, the traditional production model has many limitations that directly affect the finished product, resulting in not only longer production cycles but also high costs. Now, with 3d prototyping technology, this problem can be solved very well, even if the customer requires special parts, or different scenarios of product applications, this technology can be very useful, to help quickly realize the imagination of each customer.

What are the technical characteristics of 3d prototyping?

The technical characteristics of 3d prototyping are that it can quickly realize the customer's ideas and is no longer limited to the parts of the product, but even the end use of the product. Secondly, many materials can be used for 3D prototyping, even resin can be divided into many types, including transparent, cast and resin, to better meet the needs of different customers. This technology allows for the creation of more detailed and complex geometric parts without the need for any cutting tools, shortening the manufacturing time and effectively reducing costs.

Rapid application of 3d prototyping in different industries

Because of the ability to create models with different shapes, 3d prototyping technology is becoming more and more widely used in the medical industry to create specialized rehabilitation devices for patients without having to worry about the high costs associated with mass production. Second, 3d prototyping in the automotive field, innovative educational tools, construction of 3D molds and other industries are also quite common, even in biotechnology, aviation and aerospace and other high-tech fields, also has a good performance.

3d prototyping can process prototype parts

The parts made by 3d prototyping can also realize a variety of different surface treatment, including painting, sandblasting or electroplating process, to help maximize the role of the parts. After the above introduction, we can find that 3d prototyping has many advantages, both to help save costs and improve the efficiency of production, the key is to meet the requirements of different customers for special parts, whether it is the details or shape above more perfect.