Don't be annoyed. First of all, parents must accept the talkative phenomenon of their children at this stage, and adults should set the right example of talking for their children, and also be a faithful listener for them. In particular, do not inhibit the desire of children to talk. Parents should show concern for what they say and create a more pleasant atmosphere. In addition, when the mother is busy with dinner, it is also a good way for the father to accompany the child. At this time, the father may wish to tell the toddler about the interesting outside world, which will better satisfy the child's curiosity and enhance the emotions between father and son (daughter).


2, the correct treatment of children's self-talk, this stage of children tend to talk to themselves, which is a normal phenomenon in the process of children's psychological development, this phenomenon is also known as "self-centered speech", is an important stage in the development of children's language. The words we normally use to communicate are called external language, while the words we use to think in our minds without making a sound are internal language. For children, they have a certain amount of external language, but they have not yet developed internal language. Thus, when they think about a problem, they often have to use external actions or words to help them. Self-talk is a form of transition from external language to internal language. Therefore, when adults hear children talking to themselves, there is no need to worry, and do not get bored, let alone stop children from talking to themselves. As the child grows older, the phenomenon of self-talk will gradually disappear.


3, let children from childhood to receive music education, music is a beautiful thing, the most suitable for children's physical and mental development characteristics, children can find pleasure in learning music, develop intelligence, cultivate sentiment, learn to find beauty, feel beauty. When playing a musical instrument, children need to use their hands and brains and use a variety of sense organs, which develops their observation, memory, comprehension and creativity. For babies, music enlightenment is mainly to provide a good family music environment, so that the child is unconsciously inculcated. In addition, you can also provide your child with some simple musical instruments, so that they can feel the beauty of music in playing, but also often take your child to some relaxed and lively recitals or cultural parties, etc.. In short, through various ways to let the child live in an environment full of music, over time, the child will make friends with music and develop a strong interest in music.

4、Cultivate children's patience, children are interested in everything, so it is easy to form habits such as interest changes quickly, patience and poor persistence. To be successful in business, a person needs not only intelligence but also perseverance. Therefore it is important to cultivate the spirit of overcoming difficulties and perseverance in your child's efforts. The content of the child's learning depends mainly on whether the child is interested in it or not, and parents should not impose their will on the child. Activities that interest the child are likely to be successful, and success gives the child the motivation to continue. Such activities will be more consciously adhered to by the child.