Generally speaking, there are imbalances in the level of enterprise informatization development among industries, regions,sap partner hk and enterprises. Many companies have achieved informatization success after difficult explorations, but more companies have suffered greatly in the development of informatization. The informatization construction of small and medium-sized enterprises is full of hardships and has not penetrated into all aspects of enterprise operations and management. link.

We will summarize and analyze the reasons for the difficulties and failures in informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises from the following points:

Awareness of enterprise informatization: Small and medium-sized enterprises have small business scale and few personnel,sap hcm and management can be arbitrary. The decision-making and capabilities of managers often determine the future development of the enterprise. Managers' insufficient, incomplete, and inattentive understanding of informatization has become an obstacle to the development of enterprise informatization.

Economic strength of the enterprise: The nature of small and medium-sized enterprises determines that their financial strength is limited,sap consulting so they are particularly cautious in investment. In addition, enterprises lack relevant technical talents, have low awareness of informatization, and the current software industry is a mixed bag. Making it more difficult for companies to choose.

Enterprise management characteristics: The nature of small and medium-sized enterprises - unstable customers, incomplete business, and imperfect management have further created the enterprise's changeable business processes.

The need for collaboration between enterprises: The constraints of the original level of informatization have resulted in the inability to share information between enterprises in the same value chain, and the businesses in the value chain cannot be operated as "agile" as group companies. Agile management and supply chain are the two major focuses in current enterprise management. The competitiveness of enterprises is also reflected in these two aspects. Competition is no longer simply competition between enterprises, but competition between value chains. Enterprises need to communicate through the Internet. Only through faster and more comprehensive information communication and business cooperation can enterprises strive for more business opportunities and stronger corporate competition. This is also what my country's small and medium-sized enterprises currently need to improve their informatization.

How to solve the problems encountered in the informatization construction of small and medium-sized enterprises and help enterprises catch up with the express train of informatization is an issue that we need to pay attention to for a long time. Therefore, it is urgent for enterprises to establish a scientific, systematic, and operable enterprise-level information service operation system.

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