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What does it mean to use a wet and dry hoover? It is capable of absorbing both dry dirt and water from the floor.

What exactly is a wet and dry hoover?

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is an improvement over a dry vacuum. A dry hoover can only absorb dry dust and debris, however a wet and dry vacuum may also absorb water, grease, and other liquids.

The addition of a centrifugal chamber distinguishes a wet and dry vacuum cleaner from a dry hoover. When air, dust, and water are drawn into the chamber, the heavier water is rotated at high speed and automatically hurled against the chamber's wall and into the water collection bucket below, while the lighter dust and air travel through the chamber and into the filter bag to remove the dust.

The benefits and drawbacks of wet and dry vacuums


1. Wet and dry vacuums have excellent suction power, with a large dust capacity in the round barrel and a powerful suction motor within, making them suitable for vacuuming.

2. The wet and dry hoover is simple to assemble, long-lasting, has two distinct drainage options, and is simple to use.

3. The revolutionary design of the wet and dry hoover allows it to enhance motor life by more than three times and work continuously for up to 24 hours.


1. Because of the added solid-liquid separation device, the wet and dry hoover will consume more power and be more difficult to clean due to sewage and sludge.

2. If the wet and dry hoover is used in extremely cold temperatures, further anti-freezing measures are required to prevent icing, which can lead to hoover obstruction. #p#subheading#e#

Is it common for vacuum cleaners to get hot?

The motor drives the hoover, which creates a vacuum inside the main body, and the resulting high-speed airflow sucks garbage in through the inlet.

However, if the hoover's main body is hot, smells burnt, or has unusual vibrations and noises, it is time to take care of it and send it in for repair.

How to handle a hoover with overheating protection

1. If the hoover is shut off automatically due to overheating protection, immediately grip the plug (not the cord) to separate the plug from the power source and ensure the hoover is in an electromechanical separation state.

2Inspect the hoover's dust bag for debris or hair, then clean it if necessary.

3Ensure that the hoover's filter is not clogged, clean it carefully, and that it is clear.

4. Remove the hoover hose and inspect it for obstructions. If a foreign object becomes clogged in the hose, clean it promptly and return the line to clear.

5. Allow the hoover to cool naturally in a cool, ventilated environment, best cordless handheld vacuum for pet hairthen reset the overheated power-off prevention device and restart the hoover to confirm its functioning status. #p#subheading#e#

Notes on the use of vacuum cleaners

1. Before using, ensure that all parts are in good condition and that there are no cracked or leaky areas that need to be repaired or checked. It is also critical to check for leaks and that the dust in the dust bag has been poured clean.

2Before using the hoover, clear the area of larger leftovers and pieces of paper to avoid being sucked into the tube and blocking the air inlet or dust channel while working, causing the hoover to malfunction.

3. Generally, dry hoovers are not permitted to suck in wet dirt or sewage in order to protect the hoover.

4. Remember to grease your hoover's motor bearings on a regular basis, once a month if you use it frequently.

5. If the hoover's carbon brushes become worn out after extended use, they should be replaced with new ones.

6. When not in use, store the hoover in a dry and ventilated location, and clean it once every three days.


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