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Three core equipments for semiconductor testing: tester, sorter and probe table

Semiconductor manufacturing is the human society has so far mastered the industrial enterprise technology management difficulty of the highest production and operation links, is a diamond in the crown in the field of advanced manufacturing industry. With China's semiconductor information technology level of continuous innovation and development, the chip line width size continues to decrease, the manufacturing process gradually formed complex. At present, the international 7 nm process has entered the industrialization stage, requiring nearly 2,000 processes, advanced processes and complex processes will continue to effectively enhance the demand for students to learn advanced teaching equipment.

Wafer fabrication equipment includes photolithography, chemical vapor deposition equipment, physical vapor deposition equipment, etching machine, ion implanter, fusion equipment, cleaning equipment and so on. Packaging equipment, including grinding and dilution equipment, cutting equipment, measuring defect detection equipment, packaging machines, welding wire equipment, injection molding machines, rib cutting and molding equipment; test equipment, including ATE (automatic test equipment), processors (sorting machine), wafer detectors. The manufacture of these devices requires the integrated use of optical, physical, chemical and other scientific technologies. Currently, the most advanced devices have been fabricated at the atomic level, which has the advantages of high technology, high manufacturing difficulty, and high equipment value.

In the test equipment, the test probe is used to test the function and performance of the chip, and the probe table and sorter realize the connection between the tested chip and the functional module of the tester. The tester and the probe table are needed for wafer testing, and the tester and the sorter are needed for finished product testing. The specific testing process is as follows.

(1) wafer inspection (CP)

Wafer inspection refers to the function and electrical parameters of the bare chip on the wafer through the cooperation of the probe table and tester. The test process is as follows: the probe station automatically transport the wafer piece by piece to the test position, the chip's soldering pad point through the probe and special connecting wires connected to the tester's function module. The tester applies input signals to the chip, collects output signals, and judges whether the function and performance of the chip meet the design specifications. The test results are transmitted to the probe station through the communication interface, and the probe station marks the chip accordingly to form a map of the wafer.

(2) Finished Product Testing Work Session (FT)

Finished product testing is to test the function and electrical parameters of the chip after completing the package using the sorter and tester. The pins of the chip under test are connected to the function module of the tester through the base of the test station and a special connecting cable,micromanipulator and the tester applies the input signals to the chip and collects the output signals in order to ascertain whether the function and performance of the chip meets the requirements of the design specifications. The test results are transmitted through the communication interface to the sorter, which marks, sorts, collects or records the chip under test