I'll see you 6,800 years from now. 4K video of Neowise Comet taken from space

NASA astronauts on the International Space Station have found Comet Neowise rising from the horizon.
The astronaut took a series of photographs on July 5.
A British graphic artist then edited all the images into 4K footage and released them on YouTube as a seven-minute video.
Comet Neowise will soon be out of the solar system and will not return for about 6,800 years.
On July 5, 2020, in the darkness of the night, NASA astronauts stared at the horizon through the window of the International Space Station (ISS) and waited patiently for the "spectacle of space."

As the ISS passed over the Middle East, comet Neowise emerged above the pre-dawn horizon. And the sun rose at about the same time as the celestial body that emitted dust and gas appeared, and the comet disappeared in the dazzling light.

"The comet was close to the sun, but we could only see it for a short time when the sun was hiding on Earth," said Bob Behnken, a NASA astronaut who recently moved to the International Space Station with SpaceX Crew Dragon, in an interview from orbit on the New York Times's The Daily podcast on July 7.

Luckily, you don't have to run into space at the risk of your life to see such a scene, and you don't have to be satisfied with your imagination alone. Beunken and his colleagues took hundreds of photos of the scene. British graphic artist Seán Doran, who is contracted to process NASA images, downloaded it from NASA's archives and edited it into a breathtaking time-lapse video.

"Bring me a cold drink, turn off the lights, take off my clothes, relax, and play it on a big TV," Dolan tweeted, adding, "Have a drink and have fun."

Dolan initially shared a four-fold video, but later uploaded an equal-speed high-resolution 4K video to his YouTube channel.

The video consists of 550 long exposure photos taken over a seven-minute period, Dolan emailed Business Insider.

As it is, the video is only 18 seconds long, but he complemented the photos to fill the frame, smooth the movement, and create a video that creates a seamless experience.

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As a result, viewers of the video can get into a space station flying 400 km /h at 28,000 km/h, and feel as if they were watching a comet rise.
Let's see it now. Comet Neowise won't come back for thousands of years.
Neowise Comet was discovered on March 27, 2020 by scientists operating NASA's space telescope, a wide-area infrared exploration satellite (WISE). The comet, officially named C/2020 F3, was named Neowise Comet in connection with the telescope, which is responsible for finding near-Earth objects (NEO) that could threaten the Earth.

On July 3, Comet Neowise swerled about 16 million kilometers closer to the sun than Mercury's orbit. Along the way, the ice sphere, which is about 5 km in diameter, was fully heated to extend two tails made of gas and dust.

According to calculations by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the comet will be closest to Earth on July 23. Astronomers also expect to see the dark night until early August with the naked eye.

But Comet Neowise is not stuck in the solar system. It will not come back while we are alive. The object is heading out of the solar system and will not return to the solar system for about 6768.

On July 13, several amateur astronomers reported that the comet may be fragmented or divided, which is not uncommon for comets, which are chunks of frozen gas, dust and gravel. However, researchers, speaking to Business Insider, denied the theory, saying that the way the telescope was installed and the mistakes in photography appeared to be fragmented.

Quanzh Ye, an astronomer at the University of Maryland, told Business Insider, "I saw a photo taken a few hours ago. Comets look healthy."

"As far as I know, there is no clear evidence that the comet is split."


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