Can air purifiers deodorize? Analysis of the working principle of photocatalyst

The purification of air purifiers air purifier for pet odor should be divided into three categories according to their purification principles: some have good formaldehyde removal, some have good deodorization, some cannot be humidified, and some can be used with humidifiers, so there is no universal air purifier. Each brand has its own limitations, and you can choose which function of air purifier you want to buy for your home.

Today we focus on analyzing the global payments credit card processing deodorizing function of air purifiers, what principle does it use that can deodorize?

Photocatalyst is a new type of Nepia Whito air deodorization and purification material. Photocatalyst is the safest and cleanest environmental purification material in the world. Photocatalysts are widely used in Europe, Japan, Korea and other regions for the U.S. space station purification project, offshore oil degradation project and Japanese public transportation company disinfection project.

Photocatalyst can effectively degrade formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, TVOC and other pollutants, and has efficient and extensive disinfection properties. It can decompose and harmlessly treat the toxins released by bacteria or fungi. It is non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable to human body; it will not produce secondary pollution.

In the purchase of air purifiers, must be carried out to understand the students clearly the basic principles of the work of our country machine, can only better grasp the function of the company's products, will not buy the function does not meet the family air pollution environment products. However, relatively simple well-known big brand companies produced out of air purifiers, product quality, service life, and after-sales service capabilities will be more social security.

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Electricity costs are typically increased by 3.2% (or $3.69 per month) as a result of air purifiers. An increase to $118.69 from the typical US monthly electricity bill of $115 is not much. However, this rise is based on the typical cost of operating the most energy-efficient air purifiers.

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Do air purifiers clean the entire space?

No purifier can stop every particle or pollutant from entering a space, but depending on the filter type being utilized, they may stop a lot of allergies and other harmful chemicals. HEPA filters, which are common in air purifiers, may collect a variety of particles, including dust, pollen, and certain mold spores.