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Water dispensers are available in almost every home now, but where they are placed, everyone is also in accordance with their own preferences. But you know what? Water dispenser placement, but will directly affect the home feng shui!How to put the water fountain in the living room

In order to make it convenient for the water delivery workers to change water, many friends put the water dispenser at the door, which is not advisable.

From the point of view of health, people come and go at the gate, which is the breeding place of dust germs, and easy to be invaded by germs.

From the point of view of fengshui, water is wealth. Water is placed by the door and opens directly to the drinking machine, which may wash away the wealth.

The water dispenser can be placed at the diagonal of the gate or beside the sofa, which does not occupy the space and is convenient for taking water.

The water dispenser is not placed properly, be careful not to affect the Fengshui!

Water dispensers should not be placed

1. Drinking fountains should not be placed in the living room

Generally speaking, the diagonal position of the living room entrance is wealth, which can place some green plants or other decorative home furnishings. However, it is not allowed to put water in the position of wealth, such as fish tank and water dispenser. Water can gather wealth, but putting water in the position of wealth will easily lead to wealth, and even affect the health of the body.

2. The water dispenser should not be too close to the cold fan, air conditioner, electric fan, etc

Electric appliances such as air coolers, air conditioners, electric fans, etc. have strong air flow, which will affect the water of water dispensers and strengthen the instability of financial transport, so it is better to stay away from them.

3. The water dispenser should not be placed in the bedroom

Some friends put water fountains in their bedrooms for the convenience of drinking water, which is not reasonable.

First of all, the bedroom as a place of rest, the less electrical appliances are placed, the better, so as not to let the radiation of electrical appliances cause adverse effects on human body.

Secondly, the water dispenser itself has the five elements of water and fire, which is living water, which has a more obvious effect on Fengshui and a greater impact on people.

4. The water dispenser should not be placed in the kitchen

Some friends think that the kitchen is the source of food and drink. It's not a matter of course to put water fountains in the kitchen.

It's not surprising that the kitchen is the place where water and fire are both economical, and the area is limited. If the water dispenser is put in, it will be opposite to the stove. If the five elements are matched, it will inevitably have adverse effects on the health and transportation of the owner.

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