Before buying and selling stocks, we have to open an account in order to buy stocks, in fact, the account opening process is the same throughout the country, for just entering the stock market stockholders may not be particularly clear, the following I explain for you one by one. Speculation to open an account is generally wired and offline two ways to open.

1, offline account


Offline account is that you bring your ID card and bank card directly to the securities company business office directly to the staff, according to their requirements on the line. Later, as long as you download the account broker's quotation trading software will be able to trade.

2, online account


If you open an account online, you can directly log on to the securities company's website on your computer to open an account, or download the securities company's APP to open an account, you can also pay attention to the securities company's official WeChat public account to open an account. General online account after entering the account page, enter your cell phone number, you will receive a verification code, and then enter the verification code to log in.

After logging in, select the business department to open the account, upload a photo, and then fill in the relevant personal data information, video witness, and then set up the digital certificate password and install the certificate, and then select the shareholder account to be opened, set the transaction password and fund password, enter the three-party depository page, select the bank used as a three-party depository.

Finally, risk assessment, submit an application for account opening and wait for the result. If you receive the notification of successful account opening from the brokerage firm, then login to the Internet banking or go to the bank branch to confirm the tripartite depository to complete the account opening.