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Single Board Computers (SBCs) provide a ready-to-use embedded software development embedded modulemanagement platform for building end-technology product development, SBCs can reduce the cost and risk of the resource development environment by accelerating time to market for enterprise products. However, System-on-Module (SOM) / Computer-on-Module (COM) is an ideal choice for manufacturing embedded products. I will prove my assertion with the following virtual examples from several real projects.

The CEO of the company asked Harry (BestECG's CTO) why he chose SOM over SBC for ECG embedded development. Harry cited two advantages of using SOM over SBC for the embedded market.

Design Scalability

One of the key challenges Harry, the CTO, faces is keeping up with rapidly evolving technology. According to Moore's Law, microprocessors and memory use smaller processing technologies every two years, which is below the life cycle of ECG products. User requirements, including higher performance, low power consumption, and portable devices, require rapid design iterations for embedded platforms. These design iterations will undoubtedly increase development costs. By using pin-compatible som in embedded development, Harry eliminated many of his concerns about platform insolvency.

Toradex's pin-compatible computer modules support plug-and-play, making it easy to upgrade the platform in response to future technology and market demands. New modules can be easily connected to existing backplanes, and application software may require only minor modifications. With the SBC, Harry could not obtain such scalability because the processors and storage devices on the SBC are fixed. In order to use the latest technology, Harry must use the latest single board machines on the market.

Design Flexibility

The SBC uses a fixed processor, memory management, and I/O devices, all of us these data originals are integrated on a PCB board. The I/O devices, sizes and configurations are no longer fixed, so companies are not able to customize the SBC for different application development needs. harry's choices are limited by the existing SBCs, which provide standard I/O that may not be available to meet the needs of ECG devices. Depending on the needs of the instructional design, Harry could connect other peripherals to the SBC, however, the lack of flexibility through such a solution would ultimately take up a lot of time and space and increase the main size of the network platform.

Using the SOM, Harry separated the processor and storage from the I/O. Connect all the I/O needed for ECG integration on the SOM backplane. Harry designs and develops the backplane to his size and configuration requirements and then connects the SOM. The platform is designed to meet his needs and has the most compact size. The combination of an off-the-shelf SOM and a compatible carrier board provides a flexible and scalable platform.

As an alternative to chip development, Harry chose som over sbc, which allowed his platform to be future-proof and customizable. sbc is suitable for applications that do not have specific requirements for size, i/o, and configuration. Depending on specific project requirements and product sales, choose som or sbc.

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