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Cockroaches are one of the most annoying insects in the world. They will only bring disaster to our families. Adult cockroaches also live longer, with the German cockroach at least about 100 days, and the longest living cockroach can live for 1 year. Lifespan also varies between species and environmental conditions.

Cockroaches are flat,best pest control spray for homes dark brown, and usually medium in size. The head is small, active, with long filamentous antennae and well-developed compound eyes. The wings are flat, the forewings are leathery, and the hind wings are membranous. The front and rear wings are basically the same size and cover the back of the abdomen. Some species have no wings and are not good at flying. They can run quickly. They undergo incomplete metamorphosis and lay eggs in egg sheaths.

Cockroaches can choose a place that is warm, moist, rich in food resources and has many gaps to live cockroach killer It is not difficult to find that whether in a hotel, home, train or ship, the kitchen is always the place where life is most seriously infringed. . Even in the kitchen, they generally like to live near stoves and sinks.

The thing that cockroaches fear the most is very common in the kitchen! Let’s see what we got?

1. Banana peel and dish soap water

Cockroaches are always elusive. Sometimes you just see them coming out. Just when you try to slap them with your shoe,cockroach killer bait chinese they disappear in no time. If you look for them again you will never find them. Our leftover banana peels work great for them too. Cut the banana peel into pieces and put it into the water mixed with detergent so that the banana peel is completely immersed in the detergent water. Then place them in areas where cockroaches often appear. Cockroaches like to eat sweet things.

2. Potatoes and boric acid

Cockroaches love to circle around food in the kitchen. They climb onto food as they search for it. However, if the food crawled by cockroaches is infected, it must be thrown away, and then you can also use food to kill it. Prepare a potato, peel it, steam it, steam it and crush it, then add an appropriate amount of boric acid, mix it evenly, and then knead it into a small Dumps are places where cockroaches may appear. If cockroaches eat them, they will die quickly.

3. Soapy water

Everyone knows that cockroaches cannot be killed. After you deal with a batch, there will still be many, hiding in corners you don't know about, breeding in their way, so it's best to kill them all. We can pour some soapy water in places where cockroaches often hang out. If a cockroach passes by, their bellies will be coated with soapy water, so the cockroach will soon stop moving.