Sunshine Mountain CRASPIRE Wax Seal Stamp - Sealing Wax Stamps Vintage Brass Stamp Wax Seal 25mm Detachable Brass Heads Peacock Metal Handle for Wedding Escort Gift Card

Price: $11.29

The dimensions of the wax seal stamp are around 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter, 9.5 cm (3.7 inch) for the metal handle, and 10.3 cm (4.1 inch) for the entire length.

Contains: package Sunshine Mountain Pattern Wax Seal Stamp, one (1) ✦MATERIAL OF THE WAX SEAL STAMP SET: The handle is composed of metal alloy, which is simple to replace and install.

The sealing stamps are made of brass, which is glossy, smooth, and non-stick.

They are easy to clean and leave a lovely, clean impression.

✪SUNSHINE MOUNTAIN PATTERN: As the sun rises from the top of the mountain, it casts a radiance of light akin to hope that drives the bewildered people away.

Hot wax can be used to stamp it onto envelope paper; in particular, adding some lovely dried flowers would add a distinctive and literary touch.

✦REMOVABLE BRASS SEAL HEAD: This stamp head is simple to replace and install, and you can use it to tie in with various 25mm diameter stamps with various patterns to create any theme you desire.

✏WIDE APPLICATIONS: Sealing stamps can be used to decorate envelopes, invitations, wine packages, perfume bottles, wine bottles, scrapbooks, parcels, gift packaging, greeting cards, and more.

Ideal party invitations for a friend or relative to give as a gift

Personalized Monogram Names with a Custom Wax Seal Stamp of Two Letters Emerald green handle wedding wax seal stamp invitations, package envelope, letter card, parcel sealing stamp, and gift idea

Price: $10.99

Stamp with Wax Seal and Elegant Macaron Emerald Green Handle!

You may write your loved ones the most stunning love messages or gift cards with this lovely stamp!

When you use this inventive present idea to seal envelopes, parcels, or gifts for other occasions, your audiences will be blown away by your original gift project!

Creating a personalized stamp: In the upper right corner of the page, select the "Customize" button.


Send your file through upload.

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Small Seal Stamp Made of Wax.

65 mm in total length.

Die diameter for copper seal: 25/30 mm in circle, 20*20 mm or 22*22 mm square.

Wooden handle in Macaron color.

Please send us your original idea, and we will turn it into a stamp!

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions!

A 100% guarantee is included with your purchase!

Sage Green Wax Seal Sticks, 26 pieces; Andotopee Glue Gun Wax Seal Sticks for Wax Seal Stamp; High-quality Sealing Wax for Wedding Invitation Craft Adhesive; Excellent Gift Ideas (Mini Size)

Price: $11.99

Color Variety: You can infuse your works with individuality and vibrancy with our 26-piece set of wax seal sticks, which comes in an array of colorful colors.

Our product meets different creative needs by offering a range of colors from bright and dramatic to traditional neutral tones, including metallic colors like antique gold, pearl hues like white, and pastel colors like dusty blue.

Dependable Stickiness: Our glue gun wax seal sticks are made with high-quality wax and resin, guaranteeing consistent adherence and uniform melting.

Perfect replication of stamp details, non-toxic, fast drying, smokeless, and easy to stamp.

When applied to envelopes, cards, or decorations, your wax seal will stick firmly and provide an immaculate finish.

Simple to Operate: With their 0.28 x 3.94-inch dimensions, our sealing wax sticks fit perfectly in a 0.28-inch glue gun for simple melting.

Available for 100–130 pieces of conventional wax seal stamp seals are 26 pieces of glue gun sealing wax sticks.

You may easily produce beautiful wax seal designs regardless of your level of artistic experience.

Flexible Utilization: In addition to being used for letter sealing, our wax sealing sticks can be utilized as decorations for festivals, weddings, and other special events.

Your gatherings will be more memorable and distinctive if you add a personal touch and a sense of ceremony.

Highest Caliber Promise: To guarantee outstanding quality, our wax seal sticks are meticulously chosen and made.

Regardless of whether you're buying them for yourself or a friend, we're dedicated to giving you the greatest possible experience.

Sealing Wax Sticks Gift Box Kit, Vintage Letter S Sealing Stamp with Electroplated Bronze Handle, Yoption Alphabet Initials Wax Seal Stamp Kit

Price: $15.69

The size of the gift box is 19*14*4.2cm / 7.5*5.5*1.65" (L*W*H).

Stamp with a copper handle; the brass head is easily replaceable and installed.

✅The golden hard-paper box design with a wax seal resembles an ancient, enigmatic book.

Creative presents that you may give to friends, collect, or use for yourself.

✅Simple and convenient to use: cut various bits of wax from stickers, melt it in a spoon with a tea candle, pour the melted wax where it's needed, and quickly stamp the final piece onto the wax.

Perfect for adorning invitations, gift wrapping, packages, envelopes, and wine.

★This package contains one wax stamp, one wax melting spoon, two packs of white wax, three sealing wax sticks (gold, silver, dark red), and one box.

It is perfect for hobbies, craft projects, weddings, party invites, galas, and other special occasions.

Wedding stickers with an alphabet wax seal Wax seal stamps for greeting cards European Style Beeswax Wood Wax Seal Stamp, Customized Wax Seal Stamp, Cat Wax Stamp, Gift Envelope Wax Crest Seal Stamp

Price: $7.39

Christmas stamper: envelopes, invites, greeting cards, and other items are sealed and embellished with this sealing wax stick.

Scrapbook letters: to save you time and effort, these sealing wax sticks melt readily and dry swiftly.

Pressed flower kit: ideal for DIY projects, wine packaging, gift wrapping, greeting cards, envelopes, and post cards.

Wedding wax seal stamp: enough to satisfy your requirements.

For your DIY seal, the sealing wax stick is the ideal material.

Wax seal stamps are small and elegant, easy to store, useful for everyday tasks, well-made, long-lasting, and have excellent craftsmanship.

Custom Wax Seal Stamp Kits, featuring 7 Removable Brass Heads with 1 Wooden Handle, Perfect for Thank You Cards, Gift Wrap, Envelopes, and Wedding Party Invitations. Available in 7 Designs Plant Set.

Price: $29.99

Timeless and Sturdy: The wooden handle and brass head of this wax sealing stamp provide long-lasting use and robustness.

Patterns that are Removable: The head's distinctive design allows it to be easily customized by swapping out the wax stamps for other designs based on the occasion or the wearer's preferences.

A unique and elegant touch can be added to your mails, invitations, and gifts with a custom wax seal stamp, which has multiple uses such as candle closures, letters, and invitations.

Simple to Operate: Just melt the candle, pour it over the letter or invitation, cover it with the seal stamp, and watch for a gorgeous wax seal to appear in a few seconds.

Carefully Crafted and Hand Polished: Every wax seal is meticulously made to guarantee exceptional quality and provide you with the ideal wax sealing experience!

A five-piece set of metal wax seal molds with gold sealing wax stamps, perfect for one-inch wax seal stamps used for wine packaging, gift wrapping, and invitations.

Price: $9.99

【various Shape】You may use the molds in any shape to create a complete wax seal; our collection includes five various shapes: round, flower, hexagon, heart, and four-leaf clover.

【Sturdy and Durable Material】The wax sealing mold's primary component is premium metal, which is long-lasting, resilient, and not easily faded.

【Multipurpose】 You can use this wax sealing tool for writing letters, party invitations, greeting cards, and gift wrapping of all kinds in addition to writing letters.

It will add extra texture to your cards.

【Simple to Use】To seal a wax seal, first cover the seal with a metal wax sealing mold.

Next, pour melted wax into the mold and seal it.

Finally, wait for the wax to cool before removing the mold to complete the process.

Ideal for crafting enthusiasts, you can give this sealing wax stamp kit to loved ones or use it to make cards with them this holiday season.

Either way, the recipient will be delighted to get it.

Hard Wax C, Personalized Wax Seal Stamp, and Wax Sealing Kit Set with Spoon

Price: $13.98
making sealing wax

Superior Quality: The brass stamp heads include an exquisite design, distinct three-dimensional engraving, a detachable vintage handle, and two extra stamps for effortless replacement.

Transportable: Every tool is properly kept inside the box; the product is highly textured and meticulously polished; the exterior wrapping is excellent and exudes a strong retro aura; it is an ideal present for friends.

Broad Usage: Add a lovely stamp to your everyday life and let it to capture every special occasion that is worth preserving and remembering.

Perfect for adorning envelopes, packages, Christmas cards, birthday cards, postcards, wedding or party invites.

Dimensions of the Product: The scepter measures 9.6cm in length, the pad measures 2.5cm in diameter, and the gift box measures 23.20 x 11.20 x 3.90cm.

Easy to suit all your demands, one order includes all accessories.

Safety and environmental protection: Since the wax beads are made of resin or are extracted from non-toxic materials, they are easy to melt, quickly dry and form, and the wax bead storage bottle performs well in terms of waterproofing, storage problems are not a concern.