Payment channel service model of third-party payment platform!

Online payment service provided by third-party online payment platform is a kind of online payment service. financial management software Online payment is a kind of financial transaction between buyers and sellers based on the Internet.

Using a certain digital financial tool supported by banks, it realizes the process of online monetary payment, cash flow, fund settlement and inquiry statistics from buyers and sellers to financial institutions and merchants, providing financial support for e-commerce services and other businesses.

The electronic information of online payment must be processed by the payment gateway payment platforms for websites before it can enter the bank's internal payment and settlement system and complete the authorization of secure payment.

The payment gateway is a secure interface between the Internet public network platform and the bank's internal financial dedicated network platform. Under this service model, the payment platform only serves as a payment channel for customers to send payment instructions to the bank, and the bank passes the information to the payment platform after completing the transfer, and the payment platform notifies the merchant of this information and settles with the merchant.

For example, in the b2c Online Payment Service Agreement, the b2c Online Payment Service Agreement stipulates that the b2c Online Payment Service will provide online secure payment services and online enquiry services to the contracted merchants.

After placing an order with the contracted merchant, the online consumer directly links to the secure payment service, selects the payment method and enters the corresponding bank (CUP) payment page for the payment operation by selecting their applicable payment method on the payment page.

Then the online consumer payment information will be provided to the relevant bank, which will freeze, deduct or transfer the result information to the consumer and online, and the merchant will notify the merchant of the consumer payment result.

After successful payment, the merchant provides the goods or services to the online consumer and notifies the mall.

Each bank (CUP) clears the merchant through the first successful letter.