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How much does a Senior Citizen's Phone Plan normally cost?

Elderly people in Hong Kong are not willing to lag behind, through the smart phone to understand the current trend of information, and even play games and watch dramas online, data traffic is often used up, so it is necessary for them to choose a suitable elderly phone Plan. major telecommunications companies in Hong Kong have launched the corresponding elderly phone Plan for customers to choose, and the most frequently asked question is the price, the following small editors to introduce the price and notes on the choice. Let me introduce the price and points to note when choosing.

How much does a Senior Citizen Phone Plan cost?

In fact, major telecommunication companies in Hong Kong have launched various types of Elderly Phone Plan, which are specially designed for the elderly, and you can choose either the basic version or the high volume version in the monthly billing, which can satisfy the needs of different elderly people in terms of usage. If you need to use data outside the home frequently, it is recommended that you choose the high-traffic version, otherwise, the basic version is already sufficient for you. Of course, the prices of the plans offered by different telecommunication companies may vary, so you can check the details at the physical stores or on the Internet.

One-time payment for Elderly Phone Plan

Apart from the monthly payment plan, Senior Citizen Phone Plan also offers a one-off payment method, which is spread out to a lower price per month. By installing this option, you can save money and avoid the suspension of your phone service if you forget to pay the bill. As for which type of plan to choose, young people can help their elders to understand it clearly and then compare it with their actual usage habits.

Notes on Elderly Phone Plan

Elderly Phone Plan is a special package for the elderly, which allows them to get more data traffic. However, it is not a good idea to choose more data for the elderly, because the bigger the data is, the higher the monthly fee is, and it would be a waste if you use the leftover data every month. Therefore, do not pursue too much data traffic, the elderly often go out or no WIFI at home, then you can consider large data traffic Plan, whether it is to play games, dramas do not need to burst the data, you can better experience live to learn to old, really keep pace with the times, so that you do not have to worry about the elderly at home will be out of touch with the community, there are more common topics of conversation.