Since 2004 Alipay as the first third-party payment enterprise occurred so far, the payment field has experienced the development trend from Hays to Fire.

Aggregate payment, on the other hand, is a technical production process carried out basically on the third-party payment service platform, which can handle several payment security channels at once chinese payment system, making payments more convenient and fast, and is classified as a fourth-party payment service platform. The application scenario of aggregated payment is also developing toward a diversified perspective, and the potential for future development is great. Take commodity payment as an example, it is an excellent mobile software for aggregated payment service project.

There are many payment service platforms and a large number of payment methods. Come along and see what payment methods you never knew about, right?

QR code payment: It is a new generation of wireless network payment plan program built according to the account management system. Customers can complete the payment clearing with the store's Alipay account by sweeping the QR code according to the client.

External collection:It means that when a sale is generated, the service fee paid is deducted from outside that amount, differing from internal deduction again.

Internet payment:It means the personal behavior of migrating liquid assets among the down payment people with the help of public network or dedicated type online, including credit currency exchange, Internet technology payment, cell phone payment, landline number payment cable digital TV payment, etc.

NFC payment: It means that when customers buy goods or business, they promptly choose NFC technically according to smart phones and other handheld machine devices to make payment, which is a newly emerged mobile payment method. The solution of payment is carried out in the field, and carried out online, without the application of mobile data network, instead, the application of NFC microwave radio frequency security channel to complete the local communication with POSpos cashier or vending machines and other facilities.

Short message payment: the method of payment command according to group SMS.

Payment on behalf of: refers to the business process that each banking industry uses its own clearing convenience to accept the user's authorized commission to apply for the collection and payment of specific goods.

B2B online banking payment: B2B online payment is a secure, convenient and convenient online payment consulting service given by financial institutions specializing in mobile e-commerce movement for sellers and buyers, thus linking sellers and buyers in mobile e-commerce movement, ensuring smooth cash flow, speeding up sellers' return of funds and facilitating buyers' buying payments.