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Buying and wearing a fine watch can be a very pleasurable and enjoyable experience. To ensure that your watch stays in good condition, here are five key tips on how to properly care for your watch. By doing as many of these as possible, making a costly favorite watch a watch for life will no longer be a luxury.

1. Wind your watch correctly

For those who are just getting started with mechanical watches, they may be extra cautious with their watches, so it's easy to fall into the mindset of being afraid of breaking them. However,TUDOR Black Bay M7941A1A0RU-0003 there is no need to worry too much when winding a watch, as this is a necessary action to supply power to the watch. Usually, when winding a watch manually, about 30 to 35 rotations of the crown (depending on the watch's winding condition) will result in a fully wound state. If it is an automatic mechanical watch, then after winding the watch at the beginning, if you have the habit of wearing the watch every day, its power supplemented by the mechanical automatic tourbillon can save you the trouble of winding the watch every day. As for the hand chain movement, it is necessary to develop the habit and regularity of the time to wind the watch, so as not to stop the watch to wear a watch. It should be noted that when we manually wind the watch, if we feel that the crown has been turned to a little tight, on behalf of it has been fully wound, then do not insist on turning it a few more times, because this may cause damage to the structure of the watch parts (because modern watches are designed with a sub-winding, and then back to idling after the full winding).

2. Moderate cleaning of the watch

It is inevitable that the watch will be dirty or greasy after wearing it for a long time. If you don't want to go to a watch repair store to hire someone to clean it frequently, then you can easily realize the simple cleaning of the watch at home by yourself in normal times. We can use a clean, soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe the appearance of the watch, pay attention to the light wipe,TUDOR Ranger M79950-0001 do not rub too hard, because wipe too vigorously may drive the dust on the case and the case friction and thus produce small scratches. If the watch is water-resistant to more than 100 meters, you can further wipe the watch with a cloth moistened with lukewarm water or a cleaner that does not contain any chemicals (some of which can have a chemical reaction with the case metal). Next, while making sure that the crown, pushers, etc. are screwed in, rinse the watch under clean water so that the cleaning agent can be thoroughly washed away. After rinsing, dry the watch with a soft cloth and allow it to air dry for a while before wearing it again. If your watch is water resistant to less than 50 meters, it is recommended to avoid water as much as possible, and to clean the watch with a damp cloth at most.

3. Store your watch properly

When you get home after a busy day and take off your watch, you can put it in a watch box or a travel watch box, etc., which are specially designed for collecting watches, especially the latter is a good companion to keep your watch when you are out of the house. Some people wonder if they should buy a self-winding case to keep their watch constantly wound once it's not being worn. Usually, the self-winding case is a kind of additional accessory, it's good if you have it, but it doesn't have much impact if you don't have it, because although it can avoid the trouble of adjusting the time and winding up the watch, if you don't wear your watch often but put it in the self-winding case all the time, the center of the watch will be in the state of being in use all the time, which will accelerate the wear and tear of the internal parts.

4. Avoid scratches caused by carelessness

Wearing a watch will inevitably leave some small scratches on the exterior, which is unavoidable unless your watch is kept in a box or a cabinet. As long as you wear it, there is a chance that scratches will form as you move your hand. Even if there is no way to avoid scratches completely while wearing a watch, you can at least avoid situations in your life that can easily scratch your watch. For example, when opening a car door or wearing a seatbelt, try to make sure that your watch does not rub against objects in the vicinity. Also, when wearing a jacket, look out for buttons or zippers on the cuffs, as they can be the cause of watch scratches. And as mentioned earlier, don't rub hard when cleaning your watch. If you pay more attention to these details in your life, the chances of your watch getting scratches can be drastically reduced. It's always good to get at least a few less scratches on your watch when it's impossible not to scratch it.

5. Regular maintenance

Mechanical watches need professional maintenance and repair after a long time, checking waterproofness, washing and oiling the center of the machine and so on. Many people will ask how often should be maintained, this question in fact there is no standard answer, because everyone's use of different situations, and brand and core design is also different. Roughly speaking, however, it is now generally recommended that mechanical watches be professionally serviced every 4 to 5 years. If the accuracy of your watch starts to show significant errors, it is not necessary to stick to the 4 to 5 year rule, and it is right to take your watch to be checked as soon as possible. Often a professional watch repairer will completely disassemble the watch during maintenance and perform an oil wash to wash away the dirt before reassembling it. The owner may even consider repolishing the watch at this point. However, polishing is depleting the metal of the watch's exterior, so it should not be done too often. Watch maintenance and repair varies depending on the brand, style, material, movement and function. It is a good idea to go online and find out the cost of maintenance before sending it in for repair, so that you don't have any doubts or disputes once you hear the offer.

These are the five key habits and techniques that can make a watch wear well and full. There doesn't seem to be any mystery about what they are or how deep they go, but they are just little things that are basic but are going to be important. If each item can be done, mechanical watches bought to wear a lifetime is really not a luxury.