Which annuity plan is suitable for working people and what is the rate of return?

Living in Hong Kong, many people are aware of the importance of old age. Even though the government attaches importance to the issue of old age, it is still necessary for the general public to understand and prepare for old age, so as to protect their old age in the future. The emergence of annuity plans is a major manifestation of this. This refers to a plan in which enterprises or individuals continue to contribute to a pension fund, and when they retire, they can receive a regular income.

Which annuity plans are suitable for you?

In choosing an annuity plan, you should first consider whether the pension fund platform you choose is reliable. If it is a regular, reliable and safe pension fund platform, you can rest assured that it is a guaranteed choice. Then, you should be concerned about the feasibility of the annuity scheme and whether it can protect the convenience of the policyholders in the future. Only when you have a good understanding of the rate of return, the form of contribution and the application requirements can you choose it under suitable circumstances. Lastly, it is necessary to pay attention to the feasibility of the annuity plan. If it is possible to make arrangements on a continuous basis and persevere to the end, such an annuity plan will be useful.

High rate of return for qualified deferred annuity plans

The Qualified Deferred Annuity (QDA) policy launched by 10Life has gained a lot of attention. On the one hand, it can help policyholders enjoy tax deduction, which is a real tax deductible annuity, and it is heartwarming to know that employees can enjoy a certain amount of tax deduction every year in the process of making contributions to the annuity. On the other hand, it is characterized by a variety of contribution modes. Insured persons can slowly accumulate annuity income by making contributions in this way, so that they can retire sooner and have a higher rate of return.

Working people are very concerned about the rate of return when paying into an annuity plan. Choosing an annuity policy provided by a reliable platform can help them enjoy more assistance, and a qualified deferred annuity policy has many advantages and is worth choosing, which can provide more protection for working people so that they can have a worry-free retirement.