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Summer comes to pick a perfect sunscreen

I thought it was supposed to be a warm early summer, but the relentless sun is telling you with the harsh reality that if you go out, it's sunny! Recently, many places have been a continuous high temperature, for the ladies who must go out to work every day, a good sunscreen has become a top priority. Here are a few recommendations for you to the explosion of sunscreen!

1. Mistine sunscreen


Mistine sunscreen is a mild cream. The actual fact is that a lot of sunscreen products actually contain some chemical ingredients, long-term use will cause adverse effects on our skin, so it is important to choose the product carefully. mistine this sunscreen texture water feeling thin, adding patented soothing moisturizing factor ingredients and natural beauty fluid, with skin nourishing effect. After the application can be absorbed by the skin instantly, very refreshing, not greasy at all, and will not appear white, for sensitive skin is also applicable.

2. Oprah sunscreen isolation cream


The biggest selling point of this sunscreen is the use of a new spray technology, spray liquid and isolation cream go hand in hand, two-pronged, refreshing and delicate and even. The texture is really very light, no sticky feeling, on the face super natural and whitening. It is also very convenient to spray your face, arms, and neck area, so it is easy to go out with a spray and a wipe to save a lot of time. It is also rich in Centella Asiatica extract, which has the effect of repairing and caring for the skin after sun exposure, and can protect our damaged skin very well.

3. realloe sensitive skin sunscreen

The biggest advantage of this sunscreen is that it is very cost-effective, bringing you a good experience while not feeling too expensive, the formula is refreshing and oil-free, using the mechanism of physical sunscreen, suitable for sensitive skin and sensitive to chemical sunscreen and even pregnant women can use! Most importantly, the sunscreen comes with a moisturizing effect to modify the skin tone, oil-free and fragrance-free, minimizing the possibility of any hidden skin problems. Light and oil-free, will not cause acne, available near the corner of the eye, enough to prove its mild and safe, sun protection strength is also quite long-lasting, only need to reapply a full day at work, the actual test is good.

Overall, these three sunscreen products are really excellent, and after using them, you will love them!