SAP ERP system solution for the medical device industry

On the whole, the medical device industry is developing well in my country's national economy, and its future development prospects are also very promising. However, the competitiveness is not strong, and the consumption of a large amount of manpower and material resources under GMP requirements is a huge pressure that my country's medical device companies need to face. In this case, how companies can make full use of the network economy and information means to increase management efforts is very important. Reducing operating costs as much as possible and expanding the market have become the top priorities of corporate leaders' decision-making.

The solution for the scientific and technological medical device industry is mainly reflected in the management concept of prediction as guidance and plan as execution, fully achieving real-time quality management and quality tracking of the entire process. And through the flexible quality management module,ERP Migration hk the cost pressure brought to the enterprise by the implementation of GMP management is greatly reduced. The system also improves the efficiency of the entire enterprise's management activities through full-process system management, while providing complete and reliable cost accounting capabilities. Provide enterprises with a comprehensive ERP management and decision-making system.

SAP medical device industry ERP system solution

Full-process business management helps medical device companies create transparent and efficient management systems

Supplier/customer access management

Due to the particularity of the medical device industry,SAP Support the supplier/customer access management component based on the medical device industry helps medical device companies effectively screen and manage raw material suppliers, customers, and dealers.

Product life cycle management

For the storage management of medical devices, Tech Medical Device ERP provides a complete medical device product life cycle management component to help companies manage the validity period of raw materials, semi-finished products,ERP Cloud and finished products of medical devices.

Production plan management (meet GMP review)

SAP medical device industry solutions help companies develop effective production plans, achieve effective control of key nodes in the entire order execution process, and meet and help medical device companies pass the GMP review of the Food and Drug Administration.

Quality traceability, medical device validity management

The SAP medical device solution provides the function of batch number management for all incoming and outgoing materials. All incoming and outgoing materials, semi-finished products, and finished products are matched with a traceable batch number and serial number to establish efficient and transparent quality management specifications.

Refined cost accounting

The scientific and technological medical device solution clearly effectively monitors the business links of medical device companies from sales to R&D, from procurement to production, from warehousing to outbound delivery, helping medical device companies obtain refined cost information, effectively save and control operations. cost, and use more funds for product research and development and expansion of operations.

The combination of light and smart manufacturing scenarios

Combining SAP's related research and business practices on intelligent manufacturing and smart workshops at the Industry 4.0 level, the Technology R&D Center is based on the SAP system and is geared towards small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to help small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises build light-weighted manufacturing enterprises at an affordable cost. Smart manufacturing application scenarios use SAP Leonardo innovative solutions to bridge and interconnect various automation equipment and data centers.