Disclosure of payment industry card fees, understand these are no longer a pit

Swipe fee pricing standards.

1. The rate of the issuing bank's service, global payments card processing fees distinguishing between debit and credit cards: debit card transactions not exceeding 0.35% of the transaction amount, credit card transactions not exceeding 0.45%.

2. The maximum handling fee of the issuing bank: $13 for a single debit card and no maximum for a single credit card; industries that do not enjoy preferential treatment, and the difference between large purchases and card swipes is greater.

3. Bank card clearing management agencies can charge network technical service fees, regardless of the type of enterprise merchants, respectively, to acquiring and issuing financial institutions.

The rate is not more than 0.065% of the market transaction cost amount, and 50% is borne by each of the card-issuing and acquiring institutions (i.e. the rate charged to the card-issuing and acquiring institutions respectively does not exceed 0.0325% of a transaction cost amount).

4. Network service fee ceiling: no distinction between borrowing and lending, and the single fee ceiling shall not exceed $6.5.

Pos machine rates.

Vending machine rate card-issuing bank rate clearing agent rate collection agent service rate

Then the standard situation.

Debit card rate: 0.35% + 0.065% + acquirer service rate

Debit card POS rate: 0.45% + 0.065% + acquirer service management fee rate

Acquirers include receiving banks and third-party payment companies, and the acquirer's service fee is generally 0.1%;

Calculate the POS rate: debit card 0.515%; credit card 0.615%.

The amount deducted from the merchant's bank account by the ordering machine, and the handling fee is determined based on the business transactions on the merchant's business license.