The point of lymphatic massage is the procedure

"Lymphatic massage" is one of the most popular massages. It's easy to incorporate as home care, so I think many people have done it.

It is said to be ideal when you want to promote the discharge of excess water and waste products in the body and refresh the swelling, but be aware that if you make a mistake in the method, it may have the opposite effect.

I wanted to get rid of the swelling, but I got swelling ... I'm sad when it comes to that. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the care methods for each part, including the effects, methods, and precautions that can be expected from lymphatic massage.

What are the benefits of doing "lymphatic massage"?

The swelling is refreshing

Lymphatic massage can promote the discharge of unnecessary water and waste products accumulated in the body, so it can be expected to have a refreshing effect on swelling. Especially for people with stiff calves, the pump function may not work well and the whole body may have poor circulation, so it is recommended to take care with lymph nodes that tend to get stuck.

Expected to improve basal metabolism

Basal metabolism is the energy required to maintain life, and is "energy consumed when nothing is active". It is thought that when blood circulation improves, nutrition is distributed throughout the body, internal activity is activated, and basal metabolism can be expected to increase. From this, it can be said that it is very important to arrange the tour with lymphatic massage.

You can expect a diet effect

As before, you can expect an increase in basal metabolism, so you will be able to diet effectively as your consumption increases. In addition, when the body activity is activated, the body will be able to maintain a healthy state, so the amount of activity in daily life will naturally increase, which will lead to the building of a body that is easy to lose weight.

Brightens skin tone

Dullness and uneven color of the skin are thought to be one of the causes of decreased metabolism and poor blood circulation. Incorporating lymphatic massage will improve the circulation of the whole body and can be expected to improve the skin quality. It also improves the complexion, so you can expect a nice effect such as raising the tone of the skin.

Less tired

When blood circulation is promoted, muscles loosen and stiffness can be expected to be relieved. It also improves lymphatic flow and facilitates drainage of waste products, which may help relieve fatigue.

Also, if you are too stiff, your sleep quality will tend to deteriorate. When your muscles loosen, you can relax and fall asleep, which should naturally improve your sleep quality and help you get rid of tiredness.

7 points to effectively perform lymphatic massage

[1] Continue every day

It is important to continue lymphatic massage every day. If the lymph is stagnant, it is difficult to regulate the flow with just one massage. Get in the habit of doing it every day, even for a short time.

However, if you feel that you are not feeling well, take a rest as you should make it worse. It is also important to consult with your body.

[2] Take a glass of water before massage

Drink a glass of water and rehydrate before starting massaging to make it easier to flush waste products. Drinking or not drinking water is thought to have a significant effect on lymphatic circulation.

Also, cold water can cool your body, so try to drink water at "normal temperature" or "slightly cold".

[3] Avoid after meals

After eating, blood collects in the stomach to digest what you eat. Lymphatic massage after meals improves blood circulation and causes the blood to circulate throughout the body, which can lead to indigestion.

When doing lymphatic massage, leave at least 2 hours after eating. Also, please refrain from drinking alcohol as it will be easier to get around after drinking alcohol.

[4] Perform after taking a bath

After taking a bath, your body is warm and your blood circulation is improving. Also, when the body is in relax mode, it is said that blood and lymph flow tend to improve, so it can be said that it is a time when you can easily feel the effect of lymphatic massage. By hydrating well, you can further promote your tour.

[5] Use cream or oil to improve slippage.

If you massage without applying anything, it may damage your skin due to friction. Since it is not slippery, it may not be possible to massage smoothly and it may be difficult to obtain the effect.

When you massage, be sure to apply cream or oil to make it slippery. If you choose your favorite scent, you can expect a relaxing effect at the same time, so it is recommended.

[6] Power is "gentle" and speed is "slow"

If you want to get the effect quickly, you tend to put a lot of pressure on it, but that's NG.

Since the lymph vessels are close to the surface of the skin, too strong a massage can hold down the lymph vessels and block the flow.

You can expect a sufficient effect just by gently touching it. You can massage efficiently by wrapping it slowly in the palm of your hand.

[7] Be careful about the order of massage

The order of lymphatic massage is very important. The final exit is said to be the clavicle, so start from here and make it easy to drain.

Furthermore, when viewed from the whole body, it is said that the right diagonal half of the upper body will eventually gather in the right clavicle, and the rest will eventually gather in the left clavicle, so it is desirable to start with the left clavicle.

Ideal order

The closer you are to the exit, the more likely it is to be clogged. It is thought that adjusting the flow from there will improve the circulation of the whole body, so it is better to start from the part close to the clavicle.

Massage the clavicle, neck and shoulders, face, sides and arms, abdomen, groin, and entire legs.

Direction of flow

When massaging, try to flush towards the nearest lymph node. Be aware that if you run against it, you will not only get the effect of the massage, but it may also interfere with it.

Lymphatic massage makes your body and mind lighter *

Lymphatic massage is easy to do on your own, but it can be counterproductive if you do it wrong. In order to do it effectively, it is important to pay attention to the methods and procedures. Let's aim for a beautiful body that does not swell cleanly by incorporating it well while keeping the basics!