It is quite common in life and almost everyone has the experience of making payments, but there is still some difference between paying more and paying less. What are the options for people who find recurring payments in an era of diversified payment methods?

Cash payment for recurring payments

Cash payments have always been a popular payment method and a mainstream choice, but now they are being influenced by other payment methods. The feature of cash payment is that you can see and feel the money, you can hold it in your hand and have a real feeling, but this kind of payment method also has limitations, you need to go to the place you want to shop and then take out the money to meet the payment amount, so that the transaction can be reached, once the amount is not enough or the place of payment does not provide cash payment mode, you can not shop. The important thing is that you need to make change when you pay, and it is easy to encounter counterfeit money, which also has an impact on the next payment.

Choose CUP card for recurring payment

UnionPay card payment can be said to be the popular payment method in recent decades, the so-called UnionPay card payment can be credit card payment, can also be a savings card payment, there are no special restrictions, this kind of payment method requires a POS machine to start, if there is no POS machine is also very difficult to start, its convenience is not required to bring cash out of the house, belongs to the cash payment method after the upgrade of a way, there are convenient There are convenience and inconvenience.

Choose cell phone for recurring payments

After the emergence of smartphones, people who pay regularly will take their cell phones with them because they are not just a cell phone anymore, but an online wallet that can be opened with the payment software and swiped or presented with a payment code when needed to enjoy the real convenience of paying anywhere, anytime. As long as the place you choose can provide the form of mobile payment, you can pay anytime and anywhere, the amount of payment can be checked, what you buy, what you do can be seen clearly, and sometimes you can enjoy some discounts.

What are the options for recurring payments? After analyzing and comparing, we can see the advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods, and we know that cell phone payment will gradually become popular.