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After buying a computer, have you ever learned about its settings? Often times, the newer the machine the more cards you use, and you mistakenly think that the computer configuration is not high enough. In fact, when we buy or use a computer, we need to understand the related settings in order to adjust and optimize our computer according to our needs.

Here are 6 recommended optimization settings,online pdf conversion learn them without worrying about computer lag and high energy consumption!

1. Close some of the boot self-starting applications

The problem of setting up a possible existence of a lot of small partners will ignore, when we need to download and install system software, there will usually be "boot automatically start" this option, many partners did not pay attention to start installing, and then in the use of cell phones and computers found that the technology application research is often self-starting, resulting in slow startup,merge pdf rearrange pages running lagging situation! The following is a list of some of the most important things that we can do to help you. We teachers can close some unnecessary applications in the [Settings - application - startup] tab, cancel the application startup, optimize the background work task information management.

2. Close unnecessary animations

In the process of using the computer, we often appear some inexplicable animation effects, such as pop-up windows, interactive design, etc., these animations do not make our operation more smoothly,pdf split and merge download online so that we use it is not easy, it just takes up the running memory. We can choose "Turn off all unnecessary animations" in the "Control Panel - Easy to use - Settings Center" box to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

3. Compress files to free up storage space

When we store files, we should also pay attention to the appropriate compression of files, otherwise, once the storage of too many large files, it will take up the device's memory, resulting in storage space is full, and can not properly install, use other software. Some partners may like to use a zip archive to deal with file compression, but I personally prefer this PDF conversion assistant, because it has different compression modes, the design fits the actual, to achieve better quality file compression.

4. Adjust the power settings

We can also adjust the power settings, according to the software we need to run in the [Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Power Options] in the choice of power performance. Such adjustments can appropriately reduce the performance of the computer, save power consumption, reduce unnecessary hardware operations to accelerate power aging.

5. Optimize the drive

Many partners do not know that, in addition to relying on some external software for computer optimization, you can also use the drive plan provided by the computer itself to optimize the drive, so that the computer can run more efficiently and permanently, and the operation of the SSD is regularly stabilized, so as to improve the effectiveness of the computer's drive. It is in the [Control Panel - System and Security - Administrative Tools], you can find and adjust the relevant settings.

6. Disk Cleanup

Of course, we can not just store the size of the file compression, but also regularly clean up the computer's disk, optimize the use of disk space, release memory, rational planning for the use of each disk space. We just need to select the disk, right-click and select Properties, you can see the bottom right corner of the "Disk Cleanup" option.