Phenylketonuria is a common amino acid metabolism disease. This disease often occurs in infants and can seriously affect the baby's body and brain development. Parents should also observe their children's physical changes to prevent their children's diseases. Parents The hazards and symptoms associated with phenylketonuria should also be understood.

Everyone may be unfamiliar with phenylketonuria, a disorder of amino acid metabolism. When phenylketonuria occurs, it can cause growth retardation in babies. Neurological abnormalities. It will seriously damage the physical and mental health of the baby, so what is the harm of phenylketonuria?

1. Slow growth and development. Phenylketonuria will lead to slow physical development of children, and also affect the intellectual development of infants, resulting in mental retardation and language barriers in infants. These symptoms will become more pronounced as the baby gets older. Therefore, after discovering that children have slow physical development and mental retardation, they should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time to prevent the aggravation of phenylketonuria what is pku.

2. Neurological abnormalities, phenylketonuria will shrink the baby's brain, leading to brain malformations, and phenylketonuria will also cause abnormal brain abnormalities in babies, resulting in epilepsy, but with age, the symptoms of epilepsy will be significantly reduced. But epilepsy caused by phenylketonuria cannot be completely cured.

3. Abnormal skin and hair. Phenylketonuria can also cause abnormal skin in infants. Children's skin is usually relatively dry, prone to eczema and skin scratches, and brown hair.

After the baby is born, parents should always observe the baby's physical changes. If they find that their child has phenylketonuria, they should take the child to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. During the treatment process, they should also do rehabilitation care. With the growth of the baby's age, parents must give the child more intellectual rehabilitation training to cultivate the child's self-care ability.

In the process of preparing for pregnancy, women should also protect their bodies, improve their immunity, and regularly go to the hospital for prenatal examinations. After checking fetal problems, they must be conditioned in time to avoid phenylacetone in children due to their own physical reasons. Urine. Also, consanguineous marriages are prone to endotoxin, so we shouldn't get married.